Mother Wounds & Family Constellation work

Are You Carrying Mother’s Burdens?

Carrying Mother’s Burdens? Loyalties to Mom that cost us dearly & Dysfunctional patterns I’ve seen healed in Family Constellation work. I believe at the deepest levels we love our mothers and fathers dearly. Sometimes this love and what is asked of us (unconsciously) costs us dearly. Here are some patterns I’ve worked with and seen […]

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You Must Face Your Pain To Heal

Is This The Most Important Human Skill You Can Develop? I believe one of the GREATEST skills we can develop as humans is strengthening our ability to face our pain and feel it fully. Developing this skill will change everything in your life. This is incredibly difficult in our American capitalist culture which tells us […]

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The Business of Family Constellations: Staying Connected

The Business Of Constellations: Staying Connected (What Nobody Talks About)

The Business of Constellations I’ve shared previously that we have to learn both business AND Family Constellation work to be successful facilitators. What I’ve not spoken about is something it took me years to learn AND it’s important. Staying in Connection – More Than Just Our Clients In addition to staying in connection with our […]

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Recognizing codependent patterns

Recognizing codependent patterns ~ Codependents always struggle with self-betrayal issues ~ They always struggle asking to get their needs met ~ Most codependents struggle with boundaries and they are always hiding parts of themselves ~ Some can have issues with their anger ~ They usually do not know their deeper truths ~ They have terror […]

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