Family Constellation Training Programs

~ The Mastery Program Level-I (Beginning) starting March 2023

~ The Mastery Program Level-II (Advanced) coming soon

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The Blessings Of Learning Family Constellation Work

My first Constellation training was a huge blessing, enriching all my life from relationships to business success. It also allowed me to follow my heart and passion of bringing Spirit into the healing process.

Learning Constellation work can offer you the same gifts: deeper meaning, greater abundance, serving your clients while bringing Soul-level healing and growth. In addition you’ll receive the blessings in your own family and connections.

A Family Constellation Training ~ Is It For You?

This training is for therapists, healers and those who love Family Constellation therapy. There are NO prerequisites. You don’t need to be a therapist to facilitate, though it can help. There are additional skills you’ll want to acquire, such as understanding trauma.

If you have questions contact me, let’s see if a Family Constellation training feels right for you.

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Why This Family Constellation Training?

This training is comprehensive in order to prepare you to lead this work. You won’t all become facilitators, but I want you to have the option. My first training was 18 days and I was woefully unprepared to facilitate Constellations. This was true of my fellow students as well. As a trainer, I want you to have the best training possible.

~ This modality is an art-form, facilitating it requires time, love, practice and dedication. The Mastery Program Level-I is a 28 day training. This provides the complete foundation you need to bring this work to the world. Level-II is a 20-day, practice-based training. You learn by practicing, doing and receiving feedback. There is no theory in level-II. Both fully prepare you to bring Family Constellations to the world.

~ This training has two focuses ~ Learning to facilitate Family Constellation therapy and your personal healing and growth.

“The best thing you can do for your clients is
to do your own work” ~ Tav Sparks

~ This training is hands on, you’ll develop your intuition and attunement to the “Field”. You’ll learn Bert Hellinger’s “Orders of Love,” you’ll become an expert at diagnosing family generational patterns. Together as a group, we’ll study the writings of well-respected Family Constellation facilitators.

~ During this training you’ll learn how to facilitate Family Constellations in both group and 1-on-1 settings.

~ This training group is kept small so your individual needs are met Only 12 spots

~ We meet ONLINE allowing us to train with a worldwide audience.

Family Constellation Training Level-I starts 2023

The Mastery Program consists of a 9-month Level-I training and a 20 day level-II training. They are stand alone trainings, you can take one or both.

The Mastery Program Level-I During this training you’ll learn the structure & concepts of Family Constellation work.

  • How to ask the right questions and uncover hidden family patterns.
  • You will strengthen your facilitator intuition.
  • You’ll develop your ability to recognize clues in The “Field” while facilitating small, safe constellations for fellow students.
  • You’ll learn to facilitate in group and 1-on-1 settings.
  • You learn all the theory you need to understand the work.

As a bonus during the training, I personally facilitate a Constellation for each student.

The Mastery Program level-I is open to all who are called ~ healers, therapists, business leaders, accountants, there’s no prerequisite.

The Mastery Program Level-I is a 20 day training consisting of seven, 4-day weekends. 1 weekend about every 6 weeks.

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Family Constellation Advanced Training

Family Constellation Training Level-II (Start: Coming Soon)

The Mastery Program Level-II (Coming Soon) Is an advanced training bringing together everything you’ve just learned and taking the next step ~ facilitating full Constellations for clients. (The Mastery Program Level-II is open to anyone who has completed a Full Family Constellation Training). You’ll be supervised and we’ll discuss each Constellation after you facilitate. I’ve found that hands on practice and then a debrief/breaking it down is a great way to learn this work.

In Level-II you will develop your skills while focusing on Constellation themes:

  • The roots of generational illness as seen through Constellation work
  • Supporting clients to have great relationships and partnerships
  • Financial freedom from money challenges
  • Bringing connection back into family relationships
  • Healing with mom and dad

And so much more

Level-II is open to those who have previously completed a Family Constellation facilitator training. (Mine or another trainer’s).

The Mastery Program Level-II is a 20 day training consisting of five, 4-day weekends. 1 weekend about every 6 weeks.

In both training programs you receive additional support including private coaching calls with me, group video calls, self-organized facilitation/practice groups and more.

At the end of 1 to 2 years, you’ll be able to take this work into the world and share it with those in need.

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Family Constellation Advanced Training

Walking Together Apprenticeship Program

I also offer support through supervision and apprenticeship programs. One of my greatest blessings on my road to becoming a facilitator was apprenticing with another professional, in my case Karin Dremel. Karin took me under her wing and supported me through leading workshops together. It’s valuable to have someone at your back and not start out alone.

Having learned the importance of apprenticing, I offer customized apprenticeship programs that support you to create a safe workshop while you refine your gifts.

This work is difficult and subtle, it’s not learned quickly. The apprenticeship program allows you more time, practice, and individual attention.

“There are very few trainings that will elevate your entire life.
A Family Constellation Training is one.”

Contact me now about your customized plan, investment and the upcoming professional facilitator training programs coming 2023.