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“There are very few things that will elevate your entire life.
A Family Constellation Training is one.”

The Blessing

Training in Family Constellation allowed me to follow my heart and passion ~ Spirituality and healing, while serving clients. I love facilitating the work and creating the deep connections. Constellations can do the same for you, bringing you greater meaning, give you an amazing tool to support your clients and allowing you to work with the Spiritual realm.

Family Constellation Training ~ Details

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Family Constellation Training Details

This training is for therapists, healers and those who love Constellation work. There are NO prerequisites. You do not need to be a therapist to attend or facilitate Family Constellation work. There are some additional skills you will want to acquire, such as helping and supporting those with trauma. Contact me with questions and to learn if this training is appropriate for you.

This Family Constellation training is comprehensive. My first training was 18 days and I was unprepared to facilitate a Constellation. This was true for my fellow students as well. I don’t want this for you. This modality is an art-form and facilitating it requires time, practice and dedication. This entire training (levels 1 & 2) are 40 days and are designed to fully prepare you to be a great Family Constellation facilitator.


There are two themes in this training, learning to facilitate and your healing and growth.

This is a hands on training. To be a great facilitator you must develop your intuition, this happens through hands-on practice. Secondary to this you will learn the “Orders of Love,” learn the rules and patterns of Constellation work and study the writings of the best Constellation trainers. You will learn the skills to facilitate Family Constellations in both group and 1-on-1 settings.

Only 15 spots are available at this training. This training is kept small so all individual needs can be met.

Our location is the beautiful Boulder, Colorado nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Boulder Colorado Family Constellation training

Family Constellation training: The Mastery Program

This Family Constellation training consists of two 1-year trainings, level-1 & level-2, they are stand alone trainings. You can take one or both.

The Mastery Program level-1 You learn the basics of Family Constellation work. How to conduct an intake and discover the secret family patterns. You develop and strengthen your intuition. You learn to identify clues in The Field and you practice facilitating small, safe constellations for fellow students. You’ll learn to facilitate in group and 1-on-1 settings and you’ll receive personal Constellations facilitated by me. The Mastery Program level-1 is open to all who desire ~ healers, therapists, business leaders, accountants, there is no prerequisite.

The Mastery Program level-2 (Coming 2019) In this Family Constellation training you combine everything you’ve just learned with specific clients issues. We spend days helping couples heal relationships, we focus on healing illness, resolving financial struggles and healing with mom and dad. In level-2 you facilitate full constellations. You are supported and supervised as you facilitate. After facilitating each Constellation is reviewed and learned. Level-2 is open to those who have previously completed a Family Constellation facilitator training. (Mine or another trainers). The Mastery Program Level-2 is a 20 day training consisting of five, 4-day weekends. 1 weekend about every 2 months.

In both training programs you receive additional support including private coaching calls with me, group video calls, self-organized practice facilitation groups and more.

At the end of 2 years, you’ll be able to take this work into the world and share it with those in need.

Walking Together Apprenticeship Programs

I also offer support through supervision and apprenticeship programs. One of my greatest blessings on my road to becoming a facilitator was apprenticing with another professional, in my case Karin Dremel. Karin took me under her wing and supported me by leading workshops with me. It’s valuable having someone have your back and not starting out alone.

Having learned the importance of apprenticing myself, I offer customized apprenticeship programs that support you to create a safe workshop while you refine your gifts.

This work is difficult and subtle it is not learned quickly. The apprenticeship program allows you more time, practice, and individual attention.

Contact me now about your customized plan, investment and the upcoming professional facilitator training program beginning spring 2018.

***Training Price, Date & Details ~ Click The Pic:***
Family Constellation Training Details


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