Family Constellation Workshops and Events

Family Constellation Workshops

Experience Constellations Now ~ Attend A Private Event

A Personal Note – Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the facilitation of Family Constellation work. Many of us didn’t know if we’d be facilitating at all. Fortunately Constellations transitioned online beautifully and my work is now online. I’m supporting more people than ever and with a worldwide audience.

The change has been dramatic, but it has allowed more access and created an overall better offering for clients.

Most of my focus is training Family Constellation facilitators. I’m spending less time organizing workshops. If you want to work with me – reach out. I set up private events almost weekly for those who want to experience the healing power of Constellation work. I’m happy to invite you to come and experience the work. Usually at no cost. So reach out and I will let you know when my next private event is (these are not posted on my website).

Any questions about learning to facilitate Constellations or setting up your own private event (on your time and schedule) ~ reach out.

Jack –

Private Family Constellation Event

(Dates and times are customized to each participant)

This private workshop is a group event and the group is brought together solely to support you. We work together to choose a date & convene a circle of people that we invite. These attendees you invite can come to the workshop for free as your guests. I can easily get 10 people together to support you if needed. You and I will have a private family history intake call before the event and another call after to guide you and support your integration.

This three to four hours of personalized healing work is one of the most powerful ways to create lasting change. This “Lightning in a bottle” is like getting months of therapy in a single, digestible serving. You will feel the changes immediately.

This group will support your needs within the workshop space. This experience brings to light the roots of your struggle and frees you to pursue your dreams, while achieving your desired results.

This private Family Constellation workshop includes: Up to a 2 1/2 hour, group supported event, the 2 private calls plus my organization of the event. You will be able to invite people you know and care about to support you at no charge. They will LOVE this work.

Contact me to create this healing opportunity for yourself!

Price: $500

Monthly Family Constellation Intro: The Evening Experience

No intros currently scheduled

This monthly introduction to Family Constellation work gives you a first taste in a fun, exploratory setting. Each month we talk about different family themes, how family wounds get passed from generation to generation, how we get caught up in this, and how you can heal. Following the conversation you’ll have a full experience of the work. (Your participation is optional, you can simply observe). Talking about the work does not do it justice, it’s important to feel and experience it.

I keep these introductions inexpensively priced to support everyone in attending. You’re welcome to come as many times as you want. The topic and experience are always different. You will get a new and deeper understanding of family systems and what happened within your family, the more you’re around the work. I charge $25 to attend.


Family Constellation Intro Night
No Events Scheduled

To experience the full healing power of the Family Constellation work, I have 1 focus client space saved for each event. Here’s the opportunity: As we facilitate everyone’s introductory experience, the group’s focus will be on YOU and what you want to heal. This is a great experience if you KNOW this work is calling to you, I highly recommend it. The price for this is $400 (With early registration – $350). Please note that since I have only 1 space available per intro, it may be reserved by someone else. Contact me to confirm availability.