Blind Spots: We Need To See To Heal

Holotropic Breathwork and Family Constellations have one important thing in common. They’re both structured so that you access your Spiritual nature and then this part of you, your deepest wisdom, guides your healing process.

Here’s the greatest reason I can offer you to access your Spiritual nature

You and I have blind spots. (Sorry to say :)) Areas missing in our perceptions. These blind spots can stop us from seeing our issues and the solutions. We have developed these blind spots unconsciously to protect ourselves from painful moments and feelings that felt overwhelming. For most they have been with us a long time. Oh no, blind spots!

This protection is great. When we’re NOT ready to face something, we’re not ready. Enough said!

However, eventually we are ready to face our unconscious truths, see past our blind spots and heal our deeper, more complex issues.

When your time of personal readiness comes these blind spots no longer protect you, but block you from progress. You can’t heal what you can’t see.

The blind spots are located in the mind. As Einstein said, the source of our problems is not the best place to look for our solutions. Einstein was also a strong believer in our Spiritual wisdom. He Believed that this part of us knew far more than the rational conscious mind.

Your mind is limited in its ability to solve your deepest problems. This is why I don’t believe the mind is your best tool to use.

(With this said, there is no question that psychotherapy helps you heal, I simply find it to be a longer lasting and more expensive process and yet for some it is exactly the right process).

But for others…

Einstein on the mind

Turning to your Spiritual nature:

  • bypasses your mind.
  • Allows you to see exactly what you need to integrate.
  • Knows exactly how much you can handle.
  • Doesn’t give you more than you can handle.
  • Has more healing power than your thinking mind

When you are ready for healing, but you do not fully understand whats holding you back, Holotropic Breathwork & Family Constellations can help you. When you access your Spiritual nature, It will guide you to the results you need. When you look to this part of you you arrive at your destination MUCH faster, with less effort, a greater understanding and powerful healing effects.

Whether it is one of my events or someone else who is offering their wonderful gifts, I highly recommend turning to your Spiritual nature and letting this part of you guide your process. I hope these thoughts are a blessing to you.

Very best, and have a wonderful day, Jack

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