The 5 Biggest Wounds, Challenges & Possibilities Facing Men

Lack of a vision and a reason for being

Men do best when they have a meaningful cause, be it protector, builder/creator, artist. Men need to be bringing their gifts to the world in some way. A man who is not bringing his gift to the world, is denying the world of something beautiful. This man also feels lesser and diminishes his personal value in the world.

Powerless men

I see many men who have no power or are not in their power. Men lacking power are men lacking the ability to effect change and make a difference in the world. Powerless men also have horrible problems with women. I see two HUGE reasons men are not in their power. Disconnection from dad, usually accompanied by a disconnection from other men. This disconnection is energetically debilitating. I also see/meet many men who have been energetically sucked dry by their mothers. This happens in childhood with needy mothers and absent fathers.

Men who are disconnected from their bodies

Men are not taught or conditioned to be in their bodies. Additionally there is a lot of pain stored in the body for men and to be embodied is to have to FEEL some of this pain. This disconnection starts and solidifies in childhood. A man MUST develop his ability to be in his body to feel and heal his pain and trauma.

Men who have not learned to how to feel and regulate their emotions

Many men are emotionally shut down. It was discouraged by their mothers and fathers (who could not deal with their own emotions) and it is discouraged by society who view emotions as weak (society cannot deal with them either and so encourage suppression). Without emotional intelligence/capacity many men struggle in life. They do not reap the benefits of a life enriched with emotional experience and they suppress the truth of who they are. This suppression comes at the great cost of depression, rage, collapse, joy-less-ness and more.

Finally, many men are disconnected from their hearts

Men in a heartless world in a state of heartlessness are destructive to life and living things. These men do not know how to successfully meet the needs of others. They do not give. They become takers of whatever they can get. Men with closed hearts need to learn the skill of living life with a heart wide open. To give their gifts to the world.

Something happened to these closed hearted men in childhood and life. The pain they faced was too much and they were probably unsupported by parents, community and friends. these men need to have their hearts tenderly cared for as they safely learn to re-open…

Healing The Masculine Wounds

More and more I am inspired to specialize in healing these masculine wounds. I don’t see many people fighting for the rights or men or men’s mental wellbeing. I have a lot of heart around this and want to make a difference in supporting men.

To this end I’ll be offering more Family Constellation events geared towards supporting men.

Much of this masculine wounding is from disconnection in the masculine lines. Fathers, not connected to son’s who then do not connect with their own boys. We are a fatherless society and you can see how this is turning out. Men need men, men need connection, men need support and love. Family Constellation work can heals these wounds. Come see an event soon and get the healing you need.

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