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Artistry in Healing
Average rating:  
 37 reviews
 by J
Don’t be Afraid

I found Jack through a mutual interest in something else - that something else was a tad bit more conventional than Constellations, so it wasn’t like I was kicking and screaming, but more like…skeptical…that something I couldn’t quite describe would work in the way that it does. Most of the constellations I have attended have been ones that Jack has led. If you have a spiritual connection to the universe, in whatever flavor you’ve chosen, I strongly suggest you come take a look for yourself. I can’t exactly explain HOW it works, only that it DOES. Jack is constantly trying to expand his comprehension of the universe, which means he’s not averse to trying new avenues that lead to healing. I am super grateful to know him as well as grateful that the powers that be found it a good idea for us to cross paths at the exact time I needed help.

 by jayne kallenbach
tending to the emergent

i found Jack's work through his youtube channel and have attended a number of constellations as a representative. i find the way Jack works to be skilled and ever-increasing in nuance. first of all-the way he pioneered working on zoom is worlds better than how i've encountered with any other facilitator, many of whom draw out positioning or simply speak what is happening without taking into account the unique perspectives zoom allows, which Jack attends to expertly. it is evident that he is often working at the emergent edge of his own skillset and he approaches that reality with humility, skill, compassion and curiosity. he utilizes the communication in the field to support him in his own blindspots and really creates a multi-dimensional experience that is felt by the representatives (i can attest to personally) and i can only imagine the impact on the client. i highly recommend Jack's work.

 by Lauren Grubic
I'll be booking with you!

A merry christmas and thank you for all in 2023. Unbelievable, really! I look forward to working with you in the new year (I'll be booking in my own with you).
Don't really need to say that I'll be speaking in your direction - your work did it all & I wouldn't be surprised in your being well sought after.

 by Lauren
Deep Comfort

I’ve never felt more comfortable or welcome in a constellation and your facilitation is immense, thank you. You were my first and I will be eternally grateful for it. I’ve gone on to do a lot more, and I still hold you in the highest regard. 🙏

 by Kapil Chawla
Jack - A grounded Master Family Constellations Facilitator

I found Jack as very grounded person when I met him on Facebook. While attending the Family Constellations facilitated by him, I found him to be a Master Facilitator. His conduct during FC clearly showed that he has mastered his FC facilitation skills. He has also highly developed Intuition which helps the clients and representatives to open in the field.

 by Nevena

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
It’s an extreme blessing to encounter such a conscious soul as Jack to be your guide would you choose and leader on the path of self-evolvement and healing.

 by Annie
A safe healing space

Jack is a brilliant yet humble facilitator. He expertly holds the space so all feel held and are able to experience healing. I participate whenever I can and have been for years! There are really no words to this modality- especially with Jack at the lead.

 by Veronica
It was a very special experience for me.

I am very thankful for your unique offering, and I love that the group was so varied and at the same time felt so intimate and family-like.

The constellations I had attended before have never been so deep and moving. Actually I was never included as an input channel so I wasn’t expecting it so soon.

I loved everything about it. The opening was very special, much like a sacred fire opening. Everyone having a say and calling in what energies they felt was so beautiful, I had a few tears flowing right from the beginning.

Yesterday afternoon I felt I got my strength/focus back for the first time in a while.

Truly the most amazing constellation I’ve ever had the chance of following. You are a very gifted guide and everyone in the room is brilliant.

Constellation work has been showing up in many ways lately (books and close friends) I seriously can’t remember exactly how or when I signed up for your newsletter but I’m very glad I did.

I think that was my experience in big strokes.

Thank you again for the powerful opportunity,

 by Ellen Winner
I never cease to be amazed!

It seems miraculous the way Jack leads us in creating a field for bringing up emotions and understandings for healing a person. I think we all get healed.

 by Maya

Jack is an incredible facilitator who I have had the pleasure to know for almost 15 years. I’m trained under him and have had him facilitate countless constellations for me over the years. I have received deep healing and resolution from many of these. They have deeply impacted me and my family system. They often help me understand things that seem otherwise understandable. Jack does great work facilitating and is truly a master. I’m so grateful he is bringing this works to the world.

 by Crystal
I absolute loved it!

The energy in the group was very loving and supportive, I felt very safe to tap into others energy field. Jack is very experienced and knowledgeable trauma healer, I learnt a lot from this session. Thanks for the great experience, highly recommend to anyone want to have family constellation session for ancestral trauma healing

 by Sarah Murray
I bow to you for all that you do

Hi Jack,

I was happy to hold more supporting roles than the main ones, perhaps not having that sort of dynamic in my own lineage. The participants were great - you seem to attract people who are not afraid to work and some of whom are quite gifted.

I heard your call to facilitators to be aware of the dark energies... I feel that we will be dealing more and more with these energies, as the malevolence of the church and other organizations comes to light and people realize what has been done to them and their families.

I am beyond grateful that you are offering these sessions for free. It is such a beautiful gift of invaluable public service. This is helping me to move forward with my own practice, and I know it has already helped innumerable people to heal from ancestral trauma. I bow to you for all that you do.

In gratitude,


 by Ellen Winner
An immersion in healing

Jack's facilitation and guidance was clear and skillful, untangling the many strands of hurt, negative emotions and assumptions blocking the client. The participants were deeply immersed in their roles and the help of the spirits was evident. I highly recommend his work to anyone trapped in habits of negativity, self-blame, and despair. You may find out it's not your fault and bring relief and harmony to the ancestors as well as yourself.

 by Sarah Murray
Mastery and Impeccability

I am beyond grateful for the work that Jack does, holding a beautiful and powerful container for some of the deepest work that i have experienced in Family Constellations. His calm and soft-spoken demeanor sets the tone for compassion and empathy, and his quick mind follows the flow of the energies without skipping a beat. I know that many a powerful healing have occurred thanks to his offerings. Thank you, Jack!

 by Gozde Turkmen
Good Morning Jack

Good morning Jack,
I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was one of the most profound constellations I had received. Yesterday I said it was 2 years in the making but re-thinking I realised it was 3.5 years. There were many layers yesterday for me and it was such an exquisite experience to see them all. I am beyond grateful to yesterday, to you and to life for crossing my path with yours. This week had been a blessing, thank you for being part of it and your wisdom and gifts 🙏🤍🦄

 by Jenn Tasnim
Jack Is A Masterful Facilitator

I highly recommend Jack & his work with family constellations! He is a masterful facilitator who intentionally creates deep & sacred containers that lend themselves to healing on all levels! I feel so blessed to have come upon his work and love playing in the field with him.

I have gotten so much out of the sessions I have participated in and look forward to continuing the work with him and the heart-felt, conscious community of authentic and committed humans he has cultivated.

 by Tracy Schumacher
A Great Experience


Your constellations are pretty amazing in the way you set them up, you're very professional and open-hearted, and the representatives you surround yourself with are wonderful people. I've only taken part in a constellation not led by you once, and I think I was able to be present as a representative because I had great experience and training from your constellations 🙂

 by Sukhi
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Jack for today’s constellation.

So much of gratitude, LOVE to every person present this day.
Everything was resonating right on spot.
It was perfect for me.

the entire experience touched me in a profound way, I am beginning to feel a quiet warm calmness and comfort inside. Like a sweet resting space inside,
Light filling into the cracks and the holes and the scars of me in me, from me to me…
with sweetness

I did not say much at the closing, had to run out right away to get some sun and wind and earth contact.
The transmutation process was strong in a positive way.
... and still is, as I am writing you.

Thank you so much Jack,
such an amazing powerful work,

You are beautiful. And what you, each person and the field brought to me was ineffably Divine and the way it was facilitated … and every person…. Just Divine.

Sat Nam


 by Shelley Harrison
Jack holds the balance well.

I attended a private constellation as support where the client was working on blockages to her success in business and bringing forth her gifts to the world.

Jack did an amazing job holding the space with many participants and some big challenging energies coming up to be cleared.

I took away some key learnings around working with dark energies that get connected to our family systems.

This gives me greater confidence, clarity and tools to go into this territory in my own family system and with my clients.

 by Sukhvir Kaur
It was an amazing group!

Thank you Jack for the experience yesterday.

It was an amazing group, everything resonated.

Every day, in ever way I feel that I am processing a lot of stuff.

It is such a big blessing for me to have found you and this group,

To me, it feels like finally some real work is happening in a constellation.

My family lineage is pretty dark, there is a lot of dark work involved and occult interferences too.
Child abuse, incest, misuse of energies in creation…. etc…
And I cannot have a dialogue about this to any of my family members. I am totally alone with this experience.

After the constellation yesterday… the feeling of death, resignation, crumbling of my entire structure including my physical body
I stayed with this feeling
with love and warmth in my heart space …
I personally felt safe and supported.

Thank you so much Jack 🙏🏽🌸


 by Carmen Straight
Skillful and Safe

Jack is a humble, skillful facilitator and trainer of Family Constellations.

I have been a recipient of a Constellation from Jack as well as a representative on many occasions. He has proven himself to be skillful with clients and is compassionate to their situations. He handles the Truth surprises the "Knowing Field" brings forth quite well.

In all situations, safety and supporting resources of all participants is tangible.

Jack obviously does a lot of continued personal growth himself to ensure his capacity to serve is limitless.

I look forward to upcoming workshops and trainings!
** Carmen **

 by Kelly Love
Only gratitude and love

Family Constellation is one of those experiences you get to experience to truly understand the depth and potency.

I have found that healing from complex trauma is a dizzying maze and doing a constellation is a tangible way to take some of that confusion outside of me and let it play out in the energies before me.

Jack is a PRO at holding space, guiding the energy, and being an excellent balance between softens and warrior.

As a woman that has worked with many healers and guides, Jack is one I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone desiring clarity around complex trauma and all the contributing factors.

He effortlessly is able to hold loving compassion and acknowledgment of the 3D experience, while simultaneously holding and calling in the higher vision of Soul work.

He’s bold and courageous in facing the darkness and dark entities, while ensuring the tender parts of myself working towards healing are ready to fully see the darkness.

After my last session I finally feel guilt free in letting my abusive family go and am accepting that I get and am able to heal without their acknowledgment of abuse.

I realize I still have a lot of healing around my inner child because I’ve been fighting to survive for so long, and now I’m learning to lay down my weapons, walk away from the war, trust that I will be cared for in this process, and rebuild my life in love and peace.

Thank you Jack and team for gathering your energies from around the world to support me... When I felt my lowest and alone, I was shown in this session that there ARE generously loving souls all around the world ready to rally for those in need. That right there was a powerful re-write.

I feel loved and ready to face these depths of awareness and shift closer to wholeness and love.

Thank you with all my heart and soul@

 by May
It fills my heart

There’s so much resonance with everything I have experienced throughout my life and also some other bits of info that helped me fill in some gaps in my understanding.

I’m forever amazed at how consciousness connects across time/space.

I hope to have an opportunity to share or chat about all these energies and dynamics if/when the time comes and if it is so destined.

It fills my heart to know that there are others working on this level and that the information coming through matches what I have seen and am aware of.

Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your work. I’m taking much inspiration from it.

~ May

 by Hermione

I have attended a few of Jack's constellations as a rep and have enjoyed everyone of them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a family constellations facilitator. Its important for me to feel that the constellation is in a safe pair of hands and Jack is that. I also love that he is pushing the boundaries of the work.

 by Kevin McCarroll

As a representative, I attended my second online constellation with Jack recently. His use of Higher Energy representations (i.e. Beings of Light) expands and protects the Field in such a way as to create a safe container for darker, heavier elements to be present. Whilst the issues can lead us into darker shadow territories, it always feels like a protected arena to explore and address difficult topics. (other facilitators may avoid or simply be unaware of these phenomena). In this way, Jack’s work is quite unique and pioneering, exploring unmapped and unchartered terrain.

Jack’s approach to constellation work, appears to be alighned with Traditional Shamanic Healing (such as Soul Retrieval, which would have been carried out with the tribe gathering to support an individual). And to do all of this online … Phenomenological!

As with all Constellation work, one really has to experience it first hand .

 by Dorit
A Great Constellation Business Class

I really enjoyed your business class and I feel it catapulted me to a new level of awareness and a clear vision for success.

I loved the community with other Family Constellation Facilitators and the break out sessions in which we focused on subjects like: blocks to success, fear of being seen with our gifts, moving forward to our bigger vision and receiving clarity about the next steps.

For me as an artist the understanding that Family Constellation is a beautiful and complex art form is very meaningful. I loved the learning, the focus and acceleration in consciousness of what is possible to achieve. Now I am filled with new inner images about success.

You are a gifted teacher and help students move forward with strength and clarity.

The practical aspects of how to market our businesses and structure workshops was very important, too.

Thank you.

I look forward to the next class with you.

 by Siobhan C
An Immediate Shift

I feel an immediate shift in energy my body has relaxed and began to work again.

There was a feeling of realignment of my DNA as I slept. I am more in my body and more present.

I have done most of my constellations on my Dads line but this broke new ground and really resonated. Even though it wasn’t what I thought I needed it was.

This piece feels complete. But yes I want to keep going when the time is right.

I am very grateful for your skill and fearlessness in holding that space. This is why I have connected with your work. This is needed and the medicine is profound!

I am beginning to see my own path a little clearer.

I am very grateful for the work yesterday and over the last few weeks.

And I look forward to connecting again soon.

 by Kira Rukin
Game changing

I had my first taste of constellation therapy last night during a workshop in Boulder. As an observer, I was able to experience a wide range of feelings and experience my own healing, especially around the tenderness and compassion the room of complete strangers offered one another. It is something to experience, because talking about it does not do it justice! I WISH this was taught in schools. We can ALL use the healing this modality offers. Keep going, Jack! What you are doing has such value and I am grateful you use your energy and teachings to show the way.

 by Sally Chamberlaine
deep work

Jack is a talented facilitator of constellation work. He's intuitive, smart and gentle, and provides a safe space to heal past trauma.

 by Jane
Amazing Facilitator

Recently attended a 2-day Family Constellation Workshop in Boulder. Within two days I participated in "representative" family patterns for six people. many of which very closely mimicked issues that I am currently trying to resolve. Jack seems to intuitively attract a very supportive group of people; I feel like we bonded in a very special way over the 2-day period - so much so that I would specifically recommend the two-day option, if it's available when you sign up. It's also good to spend a whole lot of time and then spend a couple of days decompressing...because it takes a LOT of mental energy. But well worth it. Thanks, Jack.

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