Little Kids, Basketball & Family Constellations

Little Kids, Basketball & Family Constellation Work

Little Kids, Basketball & Family Constellation Work

You know the little boy, the one who carries his basketball everywhere. This is the future superstar, the one who grows up and does great things. His love of the game is so strong, he can’t do anything else.

He picked up the game at a very young age and fell deeply in love. He carries his ball with him everywhere he goes, his mother has to shout “don’t bring that basketball to the dinner table.” He sleeps at night with his arms wrapped tightly around it, hugging it to his chest. If he’s ever without it, it feels a part if him is missing.

Me & Family Constellation Work

This is how Family Constellation work is for me. I can’t let it go. Almost every thought is about Constellations, understanding Souls, learning the language of Souls, why they do what they do, and how I can free them to live the HIGHEST VIBRATION life possible.

I’ve danced with other dance partners, I specialize in healing codependency, I work privately with clients, I facilitate Holotropic Breathwork, but nobody has captured my heart like Family Constellations – My love. I am the little boy, Constellations are my basketball and without it my life would be empty.

My Journey To Family Constellation Trainer

For 11 years I’ve studied our art-form, learning it’s curves and nuances. I think Constellations every day. Life has led me to teach our Sacred work to others, so we may bring this blessing to the world. The world needs us, it needs this Soul medicine and we get to be the doctors offering it.

I have an advanced training coming up. This training is designed to support you to go from trainee to facilitator.

This training is ONLY open to you if you have completed a Family Constellation training, mine or another trainers. It is completely hands on, with real clients, in a safe setting with productive feedback. This advanced facilitator training is limited to 8 trainees, this allows for maximum hands-on practice.

Building Your Confidence

This training builds your confidence. The world needs you, it needs us, this training can be a huge stepping stone to you bringing this medicine-gift to the world.

This is a 20-day advanced training in Boulder, CO. The training begins in August. You will save $500 when you register by tomorrow at midnight. Contact me with any questions, the details are here:

Or join the support team at a VERY discounted price.

Family Constellation Advanced Training

Jack Blackwell (720) 275-2756

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