Family Constellations & Chronic Illness

Is your chronic illness rooted in childhood trauma? (It may be!)

Here’s the bigger question…

“If you heal your childhood trauma, grieve the pain,
can this bring physical healing?”


If you’ve suffered with Chronic Illness for years, even decades and haven’t received relief from the Western medical model – This article is written for you…

(Important Note: Many times chronic illness is a physical issue and needs to be treated by Western Medicine. For you Western Medicine is the correct path)

ACE score, Family Constellation, Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness & The ACE Test

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) test was given in the late 90’s by Kaiser Permanente to 17,000+ adults. This landmark study showed a remarkable correlation between childhood trauma & chronic illness, even early death. You can take the 10 question ACE test here

The ACE test measures your childhood trauma experiences on a scale from 0-10. If you had a wonderful home you are likely to score a 0 on the test. If things were a little rocky perhaps you score a 1 or 2. If things were really bad you may score a 4 or more… (I score a 6 or 7)

If you score a 4 or more, the chances of you suffering from Chronic Illness go dramatically higher and statistically show a correlation between Chronic Illness & childhood trauma

(Remarkably, Kaiser found that if you score 6 or more, your life expectancy is about 20 years shorter on average than someone who scores a 0)

Learn more about high ACE scores & various illnesses here

Chronic Illness, Childhood Trauma & The Medical Model

The medical model looks at symptoms and not underlying family trauma. And yet as you see in the ACE test, the underlying childhood trauma is extremely relevant.

Many people who heal their childhood trauma also heal their Chronic Illness.

Kari Mitchell, a local Boulder healer and energy worker suffered for ten years with chronic illness. For years she was barely able to get out of bed. Following a Family Constellation and a few months of energy work, Kari healed her body and got her life back.

A big element of her healing was repairing her broken relationship with her dad. (I’ll share more about the importance of healing with family below)

In this interview Kari and I discussed her healing journey, what was most important to her and how she got her life back through Family Constellations and energy work.

Patterns Of Chronic Illness Sufferers

Many who suffer with chronic illness have a few BIG things in common.

~ Despite repeated efforts and thousands of dollars, the medical model does not help them
~ There’s a LOT of trauma in their family history – generations worth
~ There is usually a rejection or disconnection from one or both parents
~ One of the parents can be an energy vampire, taking the child’s life-force
~ There is a lack of access to the emotion of anger
~ Setting boundaries is difficult
~ Chronic Illness sufferers often have high and continuous daily-life-stress
~ They have difficulties taking in physical and emotional nourishment

How many of these are true for you?

Sometimes The Medical Model Doesn’t Help – Here’s Why

The medical model looks at and treats symptoms, NOT the underlying energetic or trauma based causes. These levels MUST be addressed for optimal healing results.

Energetic wound patterns, childhood trauma and Chronic Illness are related.

When we experience family trauma as children, energetic patterns are created that are harmful to the body. Over time these unhealed energetic wound-patterns eventually manifest as illnesses or some other destructive force such as addiction or depression.

The inner emotional pain eventually moves to outer expression.

Life-Force, Chronic Illness & Disconnection From Parents

Many of my clients have Broken and pain-filled connections with mom or dad.

Chronic Illness sufferers have this in spades, their relationship with their parents are problematic (at best!) and there’s a LOT of trauma in the family history. Generations of trauma play a big part in chronic illness.

There is a life-force that flows from grandparents to parents and then to us. When this life-force or energy flow is blocked or damaged, our physical body is weakened. This weakening has a HUGE impact on our well-being.

Reestablishing a healthy energetic flow within the family system can bring healing to chronic illness sufferers. It also brings them greater life-force and strength in the world.

Enmeshment With Mom Or Dad

Sometimes there is enmeshment with the parents. Chronic illness sufferers can be overly connected (too close) with a toxic parent. When this happens the bond between the client and the toxic parent MUST be energetically cleaned for the benefit of the client. Constellation work heals toxic family bonds.

In a nutshell, healing the connections between mom, dad and family, whether through re-connection or cleaning up toxic connections, will bring emotional and physical heath!

Healing The Family Wounds Can Heal Chronic Illness

I work primarily with FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS. My goal is healing family patterns and trauma that live within you. Constellations are a beautiful healing process that allow us to work at the energetic level within your family system. Constellations allow the repair of the bonds and disconnections, allowing you healing and more strength in the world.

It’s the best tool I’ve seen in the world at healing deep family wounds.

Family Constellation therapy also allows you to see what happened at a Soul level within your family system. Who did what, to who, and why ~ Having the truth of your family system presented and your experience validated brings healing to body and mind.

Constellation work can free you from Chronic Illness by shifting the energetic, wound-based patterns within your family.

If you’re a Chronic Illness sufferer and have lived for years/decades with no help from the medical model and have trauma in your family lineage, come experience this work. For many it’s life changing.

Healing your childhood trauma may be your best chance at sustained, long-term health and happiness.

See the reviews & accolades from previous clients here

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