Rejecting our parents comes at a high cost!

I SOULFULLY wish everyone knew how important our connections with mom & dad are…

The Cost Of Rejecting Our Parents

Rejecting our parents comes at a high cost: Rejecting our Parents Mark Wolynn Quote

~ What we reject in our parents, we reject in ourselves.

~ We’ll also reject these aspects in our children.

~ When we reject our parents we lose access to an energetic ancestral life-flow. We’ll feel weaker in life, less able to stand and face life’s waves. We’ll get knocked over a lot.

~ When we reject our parents, we can unconsciously date or marry people just like them in an unconscious attempt to rectify the rejection.

~ Rejecting our parents comes with many pitfalls and life-sabotage.

A Simple Soul Truth

What I believe – Deep down inside, no matter what they’ve done to us, the harm they’ve caused, the deep agony we’ve experienced being in relation with them, we still have a Divine spark of love for them. It may be buried deep within and you may not have felt it for decades, but I believe on some level, we all love the Beings in our families, especially mom and dad.

The Cost Of Rejection – Marginalizing Our Life Success

It is extremely difficult to be truly successful in all aspects of life (relationships, connections, financial support, career success & health) if we are blocked from loving our parents, i.e. if we’re rejecting them.

If you’ve been struggling in your life for years, decades even, this is the first place I look when helping clients heal, how is your relationship with mom and dad.

Toxic Parents Image

And Mom & Dad Can Be Toxic

In all honesty, sometimes it’s absolutely toxic to be in connection with our parents. The safest and best move we can make is to create distance and separation. We must do this for our sanity, health and well-being.

However, there is a healthy way to create distance and there is a harmful (self-harming) way to create distance.

Outright rejection of your parents/family is ultimately toxic to you, your children and generations beyond. When we do this we suffer for this rejection, one way or another.

Creating distance from a place of personal-love and self-care can be HIGH vibration. There is a HUGE difference between creating space from a place of rejection and creating space from a place of self-love/self-care.

To create space from a place of self-love & self-care while still honoring them as your parents, holding them in your hearts and being Soulfully empathetic towards them is a beautiful thing. (Note: I am not speaking to a mental empathy, where you override your own pain and hurt, or deny their responsibilities for their actions, this is on them)

How To Hold Mom & Dad

Open Heart

If the connection between you, your mother and your father can be reconciled. This is the ideal. There is so much life-reward when we’re in a healthy, loving relationship with them.

If you need to be at a distance because of their toxicity, then ideally you can hold them in your heart with love, gratitude and empathy for what they carry and their wounds.

Whatever you do, how you relate with mom and dad, whether in your heart or in physical presence, will have a HUGE energetic impact on your life. Either positive and supportive or negative and weakening.

If you can find a way to hold them with love, this supports you in every area of your life.

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