The inner work necessary to build a SUCCESSFUL Family Constellation BUSINESS

Let’s Talk About Something Important

Building Your Family Constellation Business

The inner work necessary to build a SUCCESSFUL Family Constellation BUSINESS

To me this is a critical conversation to NORMALIZE the journey and let facilitators know – It’s okay, this is part of the journey to growth and success.

My Story – My Collapse
(A Long Time Ago…)

For 8 months I couldn’t work. One day I was marketing events, the next day I was done! All my Soul wanted to do was hike in the mountains, so I did, while my bank account dwindled. No events, no marketing, nothing…

What I learned while hiking in the mountains was that my inner child was TERRIFIED, building my business was bringing it up and I was overriding the terror

Well, it finally caught up to me and I collapsed.

So many childhood wounds come into play when building our businesses. Can I be SEEN? What if I reach out and NOBODY ANSWERS? Can I handle the weight of responsibility? I have to ASK FOR MONEY for my gifts – Ugh!

Healing The Inner Child

All of these are in play when we build our Constellation business they will either save us (if we work them) or break us, if we do not.

I was drowning in TERROR until I learned to put the little boy in me’s – SAFETY NEEDS FIRST. I had to evaluate his needs with every business decision.

Was he feeling safe, was this event too big for his comfort, was I attuned to him – not leaving him energetically behind.

This process took about a year, but when I truly worked out meeting the needs of “Little Jack” my business started flowing like never before.

How does this land for you? What are some things you have OVERCOME? Is there still work for you to do?


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