Are You Carrying Mother’s Burdens?

Carrying Mother’s Burdens?

The Mother Wound & Family Constellation work

Loyalties to Mom that cost us dearly & Dysfunctional patterns I’ve seen healed in Family Constellation work.

I believe at the deepest levels we love our mothers and fathers dearly. Sometimes this love and what is asked of us (unconsciously) costs us dearly.

Here are some patterns I’ve worked with and seen healed. Hope the insights are a blessing.

~ Sometimes mom needed us to be the adult and emotional support. We fill in for what she did not get from her own mother.

~ Sometimes mother requires that we are loyal to her and that we reject our fathers. This is HUGE and costs us a meaningful connection with our fathers.

~ Moms may unconsciously ask us for energetic connection and we end up supply them with a lifetime of energy & vitality.

~ Many kids I see get stuck living their mothers or father’s un-lived dreams. The kids take this on out of deep love and loyalty to the parents. These are not the kids dreams, they are the parents dreams.

~ We can carry their un-felt feelings or emotions. For example, if they are in denial about their rage, grief, shame and more – we can carry it for them (burdened by it), while they go about their day happily oblivious.

~ Sometimes we can’t find love because to be loved, we would leave mom alone or be happier than her…

Many times the unhealed wounds of our mothers get passed down to us. (This is true of our fathers too, but that is for another post). We think we are struggling in life because of something we are doing wrong, but many times it’s the unresolved wounds that got passed down to us and we’re buried in mom or dad’s stuff.

Ways To Heal

Family Constellation’s are one of the greatest tools to heal the wounds between mother and child. Clients gain insights at the deepest levels regarding what happened and why.

Constellations also shifts the energetic patterns that keep us locked into the wounded mother/child dance. If you want healing, Constellation work can help. You can find the upcoming events here

Upcoming Family Constellation events

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