The Business Of Constellations: Staying Connected (What Nobody Talks About)

The Business of Constellations

I’ve shared previously that we have to learn both business AND Family Constellation work to be successful facilitators. What I’ve not spoken about is something it took me years to learn AND it’s important.

Staying in Connection – More Than Just Our Clients

The Business of Family Constellations - Staying Connected

In addition to staying in connection with our clients, it’s imperative to remain in energetic connection with our events while marketing them. Here are some examples which I hope illustrate this…

“Red Cars” & Roommates

You’ve probably heard the statement “if you think about buying a red car, all the sudden all you’ll see on the road are red cars.” The social narrative is that your perception attunes to red cars and now that’s all you see. Here’s a different possibility, what if, in addition to noticing red cars everywhere, you actually drive in such a way that you literally encounter more red cars? Food for thought, who knows…. Here’s a better example…

Looking for roommates ~ I recently posted an ad on craigslist and then forget about it. 2 weeks went by and I had 1 inquiry by someone totally inappropriate. I realized, I’ve got to get on this – I’m desperate now, fully committed and fully in. I re-posted the ad, 5 people reach out in two days, the replies are flying in. Why? Because I’m energetically committed and remaining in connection with the ad.

Family Constellation event

Staying Connected To Your Events

To be a successful facilitator you must stay energetically connected to your events.

My first years I would market an event and then forget about it. One or two emails would trickle in over the weeks. However, when I focused prolonged energy on my events, the emails would continue to roll in.

For me, I had to build this muscle, it was weak. Maintaining a continued connection to my events was not natural. It took time, repeating the process and building my skill.

To be a successful facilitator, you must develop both your ability to market your events AND remain energetically connected to them. BOTH are necessary.

I haven’t seen this in a business book or heard about it. If I HAD, it would have been very helpful and I would have focused on it much earlier, I figured it out on my own.

If you’re going to facilitate Constellation work, I hope this helps, I want your business to succeed (all of our Constellation businesses). If you have business questions, reach out, I’m happy to support.

If you are a successful facilitator and you’ve built your business, what are your thoughts…

Contact me with any questions or to learn more about this amazing modality


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