A Break In The Bond With Mom


(Shared with permission)

These were the dynamics in a recent Constellation I led. A client wanted to heal her trauma with her mom. What showed up in the Field was a generational trauma. That a female ancestor 11 generations back was ritually SACRIFICED.

That 4 men, controlled by Dark Forces killed this woman, even seeming to take out her ❤. All in exchange for power.

As you can imagine, this tragic imprint – This Soul’s trauma and the loss of ❤ energy was being passed down the generations, mothers to daughters.

Working with High Vibration Spiritual forces we brought this ancestors ❤ energy back into the Field and there was a beautiful re-connection between this ancestor and her heart.

This restored energy was then able to be passed down the women’s line in support of the client.

There is more work to do. As you can imagine, there is a lot of trauma in this lineage.


When energies are present or MISSING in lineages, with Constellations we can restore these. If they are trauma/wound based energies – We can shift them or clean them up.

Energies – both positive & negative – flow down family lines. We inherit these patterns at birth.

We either receive patterns that strengthen us – Or we receive trauma energies that block us. Or somewhere in the middle.

When we can’t resolve a STRUGGLE in our lives – even after 20 or 30 years of working on it, usually the issues lies in our ancestry. This is ALSO where the solution lies. Working with the energetics of the ancestors.

Many of my Constellations go to a more Shamanic Level. Working with energies and Forces of Light & Dark in lineages.

You can see a Shamanic Constellation demo on YouTube by clicking here.

Have you experienced Family Constellation work?

Please share your comments or thoughts below. It’s valuable for us to have conversations around these wounds. I will reply to all comments.

Healing happens when trauma is shared and talked about.

Best, Jack.
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Shelley Harrison

Greatful the client was willing to share this. I remember another constellation you facilitated Jack, that I was able to be a representative in, where the heart energy and blood of the heart was the key energetic that began the resolution process.

Larry Honig

In this particular constellation did you also go back to a healthy ancestor or community. My experience is if we go back far enough in time we do reach a place where ancestors were whole and emotionally healthy. For those of European descent it is often pre-Christian Europe, at a point when indigenous culture worked for everyone. These healthy ancestors want us to succeed and be whole again and this resource is powerful . If we could only see the multitudes of ancestors cheering us on we would have the strength to overcome life’s struggles. I see the constellation process as both clearing blocks and healing unresolved trauma and disconnection as well as accessing resources both human and spiritual.

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