Family Bonds & Constellation Work

Family Bonds

The Energetic Bonds Within Your Family

There are energetic bonds and energetic patterns that exist within all family systems. Either these bonds are bringing you health, wellness and vitality or they’re burdening you, weighing you down and impacting your life-success.

Sometimes the family bonds are broken leaving you without life-force, strength & vitality.

Healthy Family Bonds – When family bonds are based on health and love, the family members receiving these connections thrive in life. They’re able to tackle big life-challenges, they find fruitful love-relationships and they’re able to build successful structures in life. They are energetically strong and resilient.

Wound Based (Toxic) Bonds – When bonds are mixed with family wounds you can feel burdened, lack success in life and struggle with chronic problems such as illness and addiction.

Those attached through toxic family bonds have a hard time tackling life-problems, they can feel stuck and struggle. Life is harder when you’re unhealthily attached to the wounded people in your family.

Vampire (Taking) Bonds – Sometimes you’re bonded with someone who takes energy from you. I see this often between needy mothers and children. This bonding leaves children feeling depleted, sick and under-resourced. Children carry these imprints into adulthood.

Vampire bonds have similar impacts on one’s life to the broken bonds below. You may experience these bonds with friends and family. Notice when you feel continually depleted after talking with certain people.

Broken Bonds – If the bond among you and other family members (Particularly mom or dad) is missing or broken, you’ll struggle with life force and vitality. You can lack a strength to navigate life’s challenges. You’ll have a hard time building successful ventures or navigating turbulent times in relationships. You may feel a strong sense of not belonging and not having family.

Family Bonds and Constellation Work

Family Constellation work addresses energetic bonds and dysfunctional patterns within families. Constellations work at an energetic level to re-establish healthy bonds. Where there was disconnection they create re-connection when possible. They also clean up wound based (toxic) bonds and block the taking, vampiric bonds.

Cleaning up bonds that harm you is imperative to your happiness and life-success.

If you’re negatively effected by unhealthy family bonds or are disconnected from your family, come to a Family Constellation event and get help.

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