A War Between Men & Women?

In my Constellation group recently we decided to explore the hidden Soul dynamics in the relationship between men and women. Thought it was a short exploration, it was deep, looking at rage, perpetrators, grief, ancestors and more.

Here are some highlights:

Women – Wanting to connect with, protect and explore their sexuality. Turning inward. Disgusted with men.

Men – Grief, needing connection with women, seeing generations of dead, killed in wars, comrades, fathers and grandfathers. The cost of serving others at the cost of their lives.

Perpetrators – I feel numb, I don’t feel anything, feels like antisocial. Nobody can reach me because I can’t feel anything.

Rage – I am looming over all of this.

Grief – Rage is protecting me.

Compassion – Nobody is paying attention to me. I want men and women to see one another.

Men (Meta) – These are stages of growth that we all need to go through, but nobody is seeing this.

The healing movement in this case was to connect the perpetrators, with men protecting, to the male ancestors. Where they started to actually open and feel something.

If you want to see the entire 3 page document, you can download it here

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