8 Important Characteristics/Attitudes Of Family Constellation Facilitators

Family Constellation Facilitators …

It takes a special breed to facilitate Family Constellation work and Facilitators are unique. A blend of Shaman, Psychotherapist and philosopher. Constellation facilitators deal with the deepest levels of human suffering, hold a group field, stay connected to their client all while unraveling a Soul puzzle. It is beautiful work, but not easy to learn or facilitate.

And yet, for those who do learn, they bring a profound, healing gift to the planet. A great blessing I say

Here are some qualities and attitudes that make Family Constellation facilitators what they are…

Making A Difference1. Want to make a difference in the world. Believe the world and Her people are in trouble, that we’re heading down a painful path. They want to help right humanities course. They may not be sure exactly how to help, but they feel a giant calling to do SOMETHING. Their hearts yearn to make a difference and they’re waiting for the right doorways to open.

2. Can be frustrated by the slow pace of change with conventional therapy. Their hearts have been in the helping fields for a long time. They’ve had successes and failures in their helping efforts. Overall they desire to make bigger & faster impacts. They’ve seen clients stuck in the same web of patterns, never changing. They need a tool to help these clients.

3. Have a spiritual worldview. They recognize, we’re Spiritual Beings having a human experience. They personally have a strong Spiritual philosophy and come from this perspective when helping. They believe prayer & love are medicine for the Soul. Spiritual practices have enhanced their own growth and freed their clients.

4. Find satisfaction helping people heal and grow. They know they’re on the earth to help people. They know that their loving presence is a key in helping clients heal and grow. Most facilitators are the healers within their genealogy. They’re the ones in the family who faced the family pain and said “enough!” and began working on themselves. Facilitators can feel a bit empty when not serving or contributing to the planets healing.

5. They are on a path of growth and change, never stagnant, always wanting to do more and give more. They believe strongly in the importance of healing and growth that are always doing personal work, even spending tens of thousands of dollars. They focus on their own healing so they can be of greater service on the planet. They’ve grown far from who they were 20 years ago. Friends and family see and feel the difference in them. They now radiate more love, happiness and health.

Constellation Facilitators Think Outside The Box6. Think outside the box and are open to new ways of healing beyond standard psychological structures. They are distrustful of pharmaceutical companies and the labeling of clients based on DSM boxes. They feel there are deeper reasons (sometimes spiritual) for their clients troubles and pain. They know that in many cases pharmaceuticals only cover up clients issues. This knowledge pains these healers, they want more for their clients than symptom relief, they want permanent-lasting-change.

7. Perhaps bored with their traditional practice, they want something new, exciting and useful to help clients with. They’ve probably been in the healing and wholeness fields for years now. The way they’re currently working with clients has them feeling stagnant. They’re bored and would love to find a tool that invigorates them. They want something they’re EXCITED about to share with clients. A tool that challenges them personally to step up their game and be their best.

8. Desire to be part of a movement, a shift in social consciousness. Believe they’re destined for more, a greater Soul calling. They believe they have more to offer the planet and have not realized their full potential yet. They’re on the lookout for inspirational and uplifting ways of healing and Being. They believe in JUST causes that make a difference. They’re inspired by Gandhi, Mother Theresa & Martin Luther King. Deep in their souls they want to make THEIR impact on the world and leave a legacy.

9. You too can be a part of this movement…

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