Lemuria & Family Constellation work ~ An Ancient Exploration


Last week, through Constellations, we looked at two ANCIENT MYSTERIES – Gobekli Tepe & Lemuria.

We didn’t know what would show up, leaving it up to the Field. Trusting it will show us what we need to see.


I was disturbed by what I saw. Representatives were in for various roles. The Men & The Women of Lemuria were represented. I wanted to see their relationship. I was expecting harmony, we got some sort of tragedy.

What showed up was an ancient split between the sexes. The Field was inferring that this split is still impacting us today. That something happened tens of thousands of years ago that began a divide between men & women.

I’ll let you judge for yourselves.


High Vibe Cosmic Helpers – “When women of Lemuria were talking I hear that a programming for separation between the sexes was really installed during this time. Like restraining bolts, these have held us back and now is a time of undoing the restraining bolts, with the help of the Cosmic, etc.” (Paraphrased by me)

Rep for What We Need To See & Learn – “Again and again it keeps coming that the men had to sacrifice themselves for the future, for women and children to go on”

Men of Lemuria – “This one doesn’t want to hear that. It’s blocking it out and it’s conscious that it’s blocking it out”

Men Now – “I am happy to take that. That is my role”

What We Need To See & Learn – “The men didn’t want to do that, they had to. That was their Karma, their job, whatever… That was their mission. It was a duty”

Men of Lemuria – “It was a sacrifice, we did our duty”

The Children – “We need the support of the men”

Men Now – “I want to grab Lemuria and pull it up.”

Jack (Facilitator) – I don’t think that’s the correct movement. I think the correct movement is to grieve the loss of Lemuria” (Multiple heads nod)

The Lands They Dispersed To – “I have this headache, I see people going in every direction. Anger about people being left behind and certain people sacrificed. The lands are trying to ground out the energy, but the nervous systems are so up, energies are going in the wrong direction”

The Women of Lemuria – “We loved, we cared, but that wasn’t enough”


This Constellation impacted me. The thought that this split between men and women could have been going on for tens of thousands of years disturbs me.

I’ve been sitting with this ever since.

I can’t say that this is true, but I trust the Field so much. I know there is something there. Next time we will definitely have more time to explore.

What happened to the men???

What are your thoughts, please share below

You can watch the Constellation here. The juicy stuff starts at about 15 minutes after I get most of the representatives in.


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