Blind Constellations ~ The Good & The Bad

Blind Constellations: What I like, what I don’t

Back in 2008 when I began learning Family Constellation work with Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker, Mark shared, “One of the ways Constellations heal is they give the client a new inner picture of their family story.”

Mark was alluding to an inner image we all have of our families, the “what happened” and “why” pictures. These are the deeply-held beliefs about the people and events of our childhood. Our personal stories about the “what” and “why” can be very negative and quite painful. (Why mom didn’t love us, why dad left…)

When we see our family story from a Soul-Level (through Constellation work) it’s a very different picture.

Many times this new story will completely shift how we feel about our families. We come away feeling more loving, compassionate and forgiving. Our hearts feel lighter.

Mark’s explanation was great, I still use it today.

Web of Family Patterns
Family patterns are an energetic web we’re caught in

Blind Constellations are different

In Blind Constellations nobody knows who they represent. They avoid use of the clients story in order to limit representative projections. This is good, representative projections can be a problem.

However, there is also a loss when the clients story is not presented.

We lose the value of seeing the family story from the Soul lens.

Questions such as, why did we choose this mother or father? Is this the perfect Soul journey for me? Why was mom’s love blocked? Why could my father not see me? Am I carrying things for my family out of love?

These deep and profound Soul questions do not get answered as clearly in Blind Constellations.

A Second Loss With Blind Constellations

The second issue I’ve seen with Blind Constellations relates to observers and participants.

What I’ve seen…

When the story is not presented observers watching the Constellation are more inclined to lose interest and energetic connection to the Field. This can be felt, many people simply check out.

This loss of the observer connection is relevant.

In addition to the clients, observers gain personal value watching the story play out. They get to relate the client’s story to their own path and family patterns.

This observation and comparison allows observers to have profound, potentially life-changing aha’s and insights into their own journey during someone else’s Constellation.

Having the story shared keeps participants actively engaged, allows them greater insights and helps the focus client shift their inner story.

The Positive Side of Blind Constellations

On the positive side, Blind Constellations limit the projection of representatives. This lack of bias makes for more accurate Constellations and can increase the value for the client.

As facilitators we get a more accurate picture of what is going on.

This positive of Blind Constellations must be reflected on. The value of having unbiased representatives cannot be understated.

My Hybrid Model

I’ve moved towards a hybrid approach to incorporate the positives of Blind Constellations into the standard Constellation model.

I do my client intakes before the event on a 45 minute call. This way I get all the details I need. This call allows time and safety for the client to share the more vulnerable aspects of their story.

To keep participants/observers engaged,

Later, when I facilitate the Constellation, representatives know who they represent without knowing much of the story (limiting projection). I also share short narratives of the story as the Constellation progresses.

This method works well, it keeps observers engaged, allows for less projection and still lets the client take in a new Soul-based story, both mentally and energetically.

With this said, I need to note I use a different Constellation model than most facilitators. I charge different prices for focus clients and representatives (Currently $400 & $75). I know before the event who’s Constellations I’ll be facilitating, allowing me to arrange the intake calls in advance.

These are a few of my thoughts on Blind Constellations. I hope they’re helpful.


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