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My grandfather, Jack, far left in his mother’s arms

First Time Experiencing Family Constellation Work?

For me, Shazam! My first time changed everything. Something happened that my rational mind couldn’t explain, something I didn’t think possible. Through this one experience, my life was changed. This was Family Constellation work’s impact on me. Here’s that story.

The real question is: Can this work impact your life as it did mine?

I know that many of my clients’ relationships with their parents & families have radically improved. Other clients have been freed from baggage that’s chained them down for years. Some clients experience new, greatly expanded levels of self-love. Most are deeply impacted and get the results they came for.

And it could happen for you too. And it may not, it’s not 100%.

I would say that 85%-90% of my clients have profound life-changing experiences. This is pretty good for one afternoon and one investment of your time and money. Contrasted with psychotherapy which could take years and cost thousands, it’s a good choice.

Some Of The Reasons Clients Work With Me…

  • Relationships are a big one: They’re struggling with a particular pattern or a particular person in relationship and it’s been a long, constant, painful struggle. They’re desperate for change.
  • Emotions: Some clients get stuck in particular emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, grief or anger. Being stuck in these emotions can impact their lives for years. Or perhaps they can’t feel certain things such as love, trust or safety. They know intuitively that it’s missing from their life and they want it.
  • Money & Success: Some clients flounder through life, failing with money, struggling to keep their business above water or slaving away in jobs they hate. They feel trapped.
  • Self Love: Many clients are hurting inside, they’ve never known self-love & self-compassion. They may carry heavy feelings of shame, unworthiness and unloveability.
  • Support: Clients struggling to be supported in life, they can’t get the help they need. They find it difficult asking for support, and when they do they’re usually let down. Life is hard without support and thriving without support is almost impossible.

Family Constellation Work Is Unique

This is controversial, but I’m going to write it anyway. We’re energetic beings, we’re Body, Mind & Spirit. When we need to heal our painful patterns we need to heal at all three of these levels. We have many tools to heal the mind, such as psychotherapy. We have tools to heal the body, such as massage & yoga. We’ve lost many ways of healing the Soul.

In the days of old we would turn to shamans, healers, the medicine men and women or sacred substances. They would guide us to just the Spiritual healing we needed. They would prescribe Soul medicine: being held, medicinal plants, vision quests, sitting with the fire, methods of soothing the Soul and their people would find solace.

Family Constellation work heals at the Soul level. It heals the energetics of these wounds. This is distinctly different from healing the mind and body, and it’s a necessary third of what we are. If you’ve been struggling for years with particular issues like the ones mentioned above (or below) and you’ve tried conventional methods of healing and you’re still struggling, you may have finally found your answer.

My great Grandma Anna

My great Grandma Anna

Soul Wounds

We’ve all heard: He or she’s a “Wounded Soul.” This is not an empty expression, it’s real and has impact. Yet many have forgotten what it means. I think of Soul wounds as wounds that are so painful that we are unable to cope with them on some level.

Examples of Soul Wounds: Incest, our parents not seeing us, Mom or Dad leaving, abuse, neglect, one of our parents dying when we’re young, unethical financial (or other) patterns within our family, lies and secrets in the family (we can feel these), parental injustice to one of our brothers or sisters, being used by our parents for their own needs, ultra oppressive religiousness, etc.

When these are part of our early life and we’re unable to deal with them, they can become Soul wounds. If unhealed, they may impact us for the rest of our lives.

If we experience these hurts and have the skills and support to deal with them, then they become strengths and turn into gifts that we can offer the world and those dearest to us.

Final Thought

We must deal with issues at the level of Spirit/Soul in addition to healing our bodies and minds. Family Constellations do this. This is the level they work on: Soul energetics. They’ve changed the lives of many of my clients and they might change your life too.

Is it worth a try?

And if you decide not to try, what is the cost of this?

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