Advanced Family Constellation Training 2024

The Mastery Program Level-II

Now What???

Was my BIG question…

I’d completed my first Family Constellation training (18 days) and thought, “what am I going to do now?” I wasn’t ready to lead full Constellations – And I knew it!

I NEEDED more time, practice & training. I took my only option, I repeated the same training with the same material. It was beneficial, but not optimal for learning to facilitate.

In the four 1-year trainings I’ve taken, I’ve facilitated a total of 4 complete Constellations. This is over 4-years. It’s not enough to build the much-needed confidence.

Most Family Constellation trainings can’t offer sufficient practice time and prepare students to facilitate quality Constellations – Too many students and not enough time. This is a normal challenge with this modality and hard to get around, but there is a way – Small Batch Trainings!

“Here’s my key –
Only 6 facilitator spots.”

Students get to facilitate 2 supervised Constellations every weekend of the 6-month course.

This builds the confidence & experience to bring this work to the world.

The Community

I’ve created a strong community of students, facilitators and those who just – Love Constellation Work! It is beautiful to create these deep connections of a heartfelt tribe. A shared vision and purpose. It creates a lot of love and connection.

We come together every 6-weeks with connection points between the weekends. We build strong bonds and many life-long relationships.

What this helps us do is open and be more vulnerable. We are all going through it together, there is safety in this. We have one another’s back as we learn this deep, powerful healing modality.

Connected and intimate while in a safe space is the best way to learn this work.

When we return to our weekends, it feels like coming home.

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    Is This The Right Training For You?

    The way I structure this training is not for everyone. I offer a LOT of hands-on practice, less theory. The focus is practicing, building confidence and receiving heartfelt feedback. All while supervised & safe. This training you learn by doing. If books and theory are the way you want to learn, this training may not be for you.

    However for many of you, this training is the perfect next step on your journey to mastery!

    Benefits Of This Particular Training

    As I mentioned above, most students don’t get enough practice in real Constellation environments to safely facilitate. This blocks forward progress. They’ve usually facilitated either 0 or 1 full Constellation after finishing their first training. This is not enough practice to safely facilitate. Almost all students need more…

    This Level-II training addresses this national problem. I keep the group small & intimate with 6 facilitator slots, this allows advanced students the practice time desperately needed. The structure allows everyone to facilitate a lot – Usually 2 FULL Constellations per weekend. A HUGE confidence builder.

    Practicing Family Constellation work

    Practicing In Real World Conditions

    Much of your practice is with clients from outside the group. REAL folks with real issues. Real practice = faster learning.

    You are supervised and supported every step of the way, even pausing to ask questions should you get lost or confused.

    Your facilitations are recorded so you get a great look at your facilitation, where you’re strong and where you can grow.

    EVERY Constellation is discussed by the group after you facilitate so we all learn more. There are no outsiders present during the debriefs, just our tribe, allows us to dive in deeply and talk freely. We’re in this together and we support one another.

    Small Batch Family Constellation Training

    The price is LOW, $3,250 with super-early registration, saving $500. This is for the full 20 days. Again – there are only 6 facilitator spots.

    “Small batch trainings, like cookies,
    allow great attention to detail.”

    This training is online, allowing you to learn the subtle art of online facilitation, opening the doorway for you to work with people around the world if you desire.

    The online training format also saves you significant travel time, lodging and costs.

    There Are Two Roles At This Training – The Support Team Role

    The Facilitator Track & The Support Team Track. The facilitator role is pretty obvious – Learn, practice and facilitate.

    The support team is a necessary contributor. Most importantly they are and become skillful representatives allowing the facilitators to TRUST the representations.

    The Support Team’s biggest benefit – Healing, healing, healing…

    The Support Team receives a TON of Constellation work. Having a full Constellation facilitated for them every training weekend.

    They are with the group the entire time and a part of every discussion and exercise. There is a ton of learning in this role. They are also a great contributor to the energy and dynamic of the group. They are an integral part of the team.

    I expect every support team member’s life to have changed by the end of the training. This is how much support, healing and growth will be received.

    Themed Weekends

    We focus weekend by weekend based on themes our clients come with. Our first weekend is dedicated to supporting clients heal with mom & dad. Single themes make it easier to see and learn our human patterns. Following weekends focus on money, illness, intimacy struggles, partnerships, inner child healing & more.

    • Healing Relationship With Mom & Dad
    • Abundance With Money
    • Physical Healing & Health
    • Intimate Relationship Blocks
    • Current Partnerships (couples)
    • Emotional Challenges (Anger, Depression, Grief)
    • Career Blocks & Success
    • Inner-Child Constellations

    What Makes This Training Different

    There are no other trainings like this in the United States. Leslie Nipps’ training is the closest with an 8-day advanced training. Other advanced trainings in the US are usually over a weekend with UP TO 20 people attending.

    The BIG loss with short trainings and LARGE groups – No practice time. And THIS is what students need most. Practice time to BUILD confidence.

    This Level-II training is completely structured so you have the most practice time possible.

    • Small, intimate training group ~ 5/6 Facilitators + 5/6 Support Team. More time for facilitation practice!
    • The most comprehensive advanced training in the country (20 days)
    • Every Constellation immediately explored and discussed after completion
    • Constellations recorded for your review and growth
    • You facilitate for real people with real issues from outside the group (Plus the Support Team)
    • You are supervised & supported every Constellation (so you can facilitate safely)


    To be on the Facilitator Track you must have completed a Family Constellation training. Mine or another trainer’s. You will need to apply and we will discuss whether you meet the requirements to best serve yourself and the group.

    Support Team need to know and have experience with Family Constellation work. We can chat and have a discussion to see if it is a good fit for you to join the group.

    2024 Advanced Constellation Training Dates – TBA

    Five 4-day weekends, approximately every 6 weeks

    Hours: Generally 11:00am to 8pm (EST)

    We also meet 2 nights between each weekend – TBA (7-10 EST)

    What’s Your Cost?

    Facilitators $3,750*

    *Save $500 with Super-Early Registration
    *Save $250 with Early Registration

    Current Super-Early Early Registration price $3,250

    Support Team $1,900*

    *Save $325 with Super-Early Registration
    *Save $150 with Early Bird Registration

    Current Early Bird Registration price $1,750

    * Payment plans are available. There is a small fee for this.


    Jack Blackwell
    (720) 275-2756


    Getting a refund is not a problem ~ Life happens!

    Cancel 2 months before the training starts and receive a full refund minus a $150 admin fee.
    1 month before there is a $350 cancellation fee.
    For Support team the cancellation fee is $100.

    Success Stories

    “I felt held … in humility and confidence…” “I felt so held by you, Jack…. Your balance of humility and confidence had me profoundly trusting you and the process.”