Advanced Family Constellation Training 2019

The Mastery Program Level II

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What am I going to Do Now?

I remember completing my first Family Constellation training, 18 days, and thinking to myself “what am I going to do now?” I was woefully unprepared to lead a workshop myself, so I took my only option. I repeated the same training again with the same material. This was beneficial, but it was not optimal for my growth or learning our Family Constellation modality.

For 11 years now I have been practicing this work. Honing it’s beautiful ways and learning it’s edges. It’s my life’s work and I have devoted everything to it. I have learned a lot and it’s time to share what I’ve learned with the right students.

Am I Reaching Out To You?

If leading this modality is your life’s work and calling. I’m reaching out to you. If you have been trained but you KNOW you need to take your facilitation game to the next level before you lead your own events, this message is for you.

I’ve created an advanced Family Constellation training that I think will give you the next steps to begin your confident facilitation.

They biggest thing most trainees are missing is hands on practice time in real Constellation environments. I offer this. With a small training group of 8 people, everyone gets continual hands on training practice.

I bring in people from outside the group for you to support and practice with. REAL folks with real issues.

You are supervised and supported step by step the entire time. You can pause and ask questions at any time.

Many of your facilitations are recorded so you get the best look at your facilitation, what you’re doing great and where you’d like to improve.

EVERY constellation is broken down by the group immediately after your facilitation so we all understand and learn more. (There are no outside people in the room. Only the trainees & The Support Team/Reps), this allows us to dive deep and talk freely.

$3900 is a great price (or $3500 with early registration) for a 20 day advanced Family Constellation training with only 8 facilitators.

Boulder, Colorado is an amazing town with the Heart and Soul of Spirit. Plus this training is in the best, most vibrant and alive part of town. Right in its heart on Pearl Street.

Training Focuses

We focus weekend by weekend based on themes our clients come with. For example our first weekend is all healing with mom and dad constellations. This single theme focus makes it easier to see and learn the patterns. Following weekends focus on money, illness, blocks to intimacy, current partnerships, challenges with emotions, work success, inner child healing & more.

  • Healing Relationship With Mom & Dad
  • Abundance With Money
  • Healing & Health
  • Great Intimate Relationships
  • Current Partnerships (couples)
  • Emotional Challenges (Anger, Depression, Grief & More)
  • Work Success
  • Inner-Child Constellations

What Makes This Training Different

~ Small, intimate training group: 8 people (4 spots remain) plus a 4 person Support Team. Much more time for your facilitation practice!
~ Most comprehensive advanced training in the country (20 days)
~ Every Constellation immediately broken down after completion.
~ Many Constellations videotaped for your review and growth
~ You are facilitating Constellations for real people with real issues from outside the group (Plus Support Team)
~ You are supervised for every Constellation (so you can facilitate safely and take risks)

Support Team Roles

There are 2 roles in this training. Facilitators & Support Team/Reps.

Facilitators (8 spots) 3 spots remain
Support Team/Reps (4 spots) All spots taken

The facilitator role includes all you read above. Facilitators are there to facilitate and get real time coaching and feedback.

Support Team/Reps will begin learning the ins and outs of facilitating Family Constellation work. These roles are supportive and filled with learning and healing opportunities. Participants are involved in all discussions, they have multiple constellations facilitated for them, they deeply learn the skills of representation. They receive a ton of insight and healing. (This is not an intro training – see my other offering in the fall of 2019 for this – The Mastery Program Level I)


Facilitators need to have completed a Family Constellation training. Mine or another trainers. You will need to apply and we will discuss whether you meet the requirements to best serve the group and yourself.

Support Team/Reps need to know Family Constellation work. We will meet and discussion to see if it feels like a good fit for you to join the group.

2019/2020 Advanced Constellation Training Dates

August 8th – 11th
September 26th – 29th
November 14th – 17th
January 9th – 12th
February 27th – March 1st

What’s Your Cost?

Facilitators $3900* (Save $400 with early registration – Ends May 31st at midnight)

Early Registration price $3500

Participants $1900 (Save $325 with early registration – Ends May 31st at midnight)

Early registration price $1575

* A payment plan is available. There is a small additional fee of $200 for this.


Jack Blackwell
(720) 275-2756


Getting a refund is not a problem ~ life happens!

Cancel before Sunday June 16th and you receive a full refund minus a $150 admin fee. After June 16th there is a $350 cancellation fee. For Support team the cancellation fee is $100.