The Mastery Program Level-I Family Constellation Facilitator Training: Arriving Spring 2023

The Adventure of Learning Family Constellation work

Learning Family Constellation Work Is An Adventure

I’m EXCITED to lead this training with you. This training is new and the culmination of 20 years of growth & learning

This is a complete level-1 training.

Learning Constellation work is a mystery.

~ How can we feel and know the true nature of someones grandmother?
~ How can we discover a family’s Soul-truth?
~ How are we able to shift the energetics that live within our client?
~ How can The Field know exactly what is needed for healing?

Diving into the mystery ~ AN ADVENTURE

The Keys To This Training

• We start with the basics – How to properly conduct an intake. We’ll set up exercises to strengthen your intuition. You’ll learn to spot Spiritual clues in the Field that guide the healing and finally, you’ll wrap up the Constellation in a way that best supports your client

• Our training is supported by 5-quality family Constellation books (the complete list is below for you).

• You receive all the tools and knowledge to work in-person or online.

• We have 2 phenomenal women supporting our training (Simone Warstat & Kristin Grayce McGary). Both trained in family Constellation work.

• We are limited to 12 students ~ Applications are open.

• This training utilizes theory and Hands-on practice, I have found students learn Constellation work best by doing it. This is an intuitive, embodied process, it is best to have all your senses alive.

• Finally, this training focuses on your personal healing and growth. The more you experience the healing power of this work, the better you can support your clients.

Family Constellation Training Roots

The Roots Of This Training ~ 20 Years In The Making

This training incorporates all the valuable teachings I’ve learned along the way.

20 years ago I began studying Holotropic Breathwork, an intense training that brought out our best. 9 weeks of residential work spread out over 2 years, 7 books to study, a 3-hour Holotropic breathwork music set to create and more. We were doing deep, personal work, every day.

Tav Sparks, Holotropic’s main trainer’s favorite saying was:

“The best thing you can do for your clients
is to do your own work.”

This always resonated for me and the training is built on this premise. The more personal work you’ve done, the better the space you hold for your clients.

This Training Is **Brand New**

And completely updated from our 2022 facilitator training. We’ve added CUTTING EDGE materials to explore. The training manual is refreshed and updated.

We think you’ll LOVE the changes. Especially the new modules – Understanding The Cosmic Realms & Safely Working With Dark or Low-Vibration Forces

These are the capstones of the new training.

Also new is how we study the books throughout the training. Simone, Kristin Grayce and I personally lead a book study for each of our Constellation textbooks. Again, our reading list is below.

This training has 8 additional days of study and learning. You will be MORE PREPARED to bring Family Constellation work to the world.

We’ve also added an optional Business Building Event at the end of the training. This supports you to get started in your business and remove blocks. This is not required, but we expect it to benefit all who to attend and give you a JUMP START on your business.


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Themes We Explore Together

  • Wholeness – The importance of embracing all parts of self
  • Dynamics of our Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine
  • The mystery of Constellations – how they work
  • Healing Inner Child wounds
  • Creating great romantic relationships
  • Leaving the homeland is a BIG ancestral wound
  • How to work with – Perpetrators, Darkness, Light, Shadow & Innocence
  • Emotional Range: Having access to ALL emotions is healthy
  • The courage to face pain and grief
  • The key to Healing with Mom & Dad
  • Being a “YES” to life: Embracing it all
  • Cosmic Forces: Get help!
  • The importance of the “interrupted reaching out movement”
  • Bert Hellinger’s Orders Of Love
  • Family Constellation Work & trauma
  • The balance of Giving & Receiving

Only 12 Students

Fresh Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

The key to making delicious chocolate chip cookies is attention and care.

When you measure the flour just right, add your favorite high-quality-ingredients, monitor your cooking time and temp ~ You end up with PERFECT cookies.

However, if you’re making hundreds of cookies at a time, you may lose focus or heart.

Some cookies may be over- or under-cooked. You might not add just the right ingredients, or the ingredients won’t be evenly distributed.

Baking too many cookies at one time can have an impact on quality. The same with a training.

A training with 20 – 40 students can lose something valuable.

This training is designed differently

Everyone learns best at their own perfect pace. Some students want more hands-on, others more theory. Some like to sit back and watch, others don’t want to raise their hand.

Each students is unique and no two learning styles are exactly the same.

Our small-batch training, allows us to CUSTOM TAILOR the training to meet EVERY STUDENTS NEEDS

The small group concept allows tons of individual support and is key to this training.

Our 4 Most-Important Training Focuses

My story: I began learning Family Constellation work is 2008. My first training was led by Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker. This training was GREAT and I learned all the basics.

Every year-long training I took – and there have been 5 over the years – taught me something valuable. In my first I learned the basics. In another, how to support clients with trauma and a third focused on seeing everything as energy.

From this plethora of trainings and MANY OTHER Constellation learning experiences, I’ve identified 4-keys that make a great facilitator training.

Here they are:

Personal Work – A great Constellation training creates opportunities for students to receive deep healing.

Two reasons – First, students need to anchor the healing power of the work in their bodies. Second, being a successful facilitator requires deep personal mastery.

In this training, your personal healing & growth is forefront. Every exercise is designed so when one student is practicing, another is receiving.

Hands-On Practice. Learning By Doing – In the Mastery Program you facilitate from day one. The traditional first exercise we set up is – You, your intuition and your blocks. Right away we are fine tune your intuition, you get to practice-facilitating and other students are receiving healing.

The Mastery Program is designed as a FUN way that you learn by doing.

The Structure, Foundation & Theory of Family Constellation Work – A great training teaches all the basics. From start to finish you get all the knowledge and practice you need.

You will learn the difference between a psychotherapy intake and a Family Constellation intake. We’ll cover Bert Hellinger’s “Orders Of Love.” You’ll learn to work skillfully with representatives. You learn to spot the hidden clues in the Field and gently close incomplete Constellations.

We cover everything you need to know – Both theory and practice.

Learning the Language of Souls (Why Souls do what they do) – You’ll learn the difference between Soul-patterns (love based) and psychological patterns (wound based). A most beautiful thing about working with Constellations is working with the LOVE within family systems.

A Question Everyone Asks – “In Person Or Online?”

When the pandemic hit, I’d been facilitating for 11 years. Nobody had EVER done an online Constellation. We had no idea if we could.

There was fear in the community ~ would we lose our ability to facilitate?

Myself and a few others decided to give online facilitation a try. Would it work?

The answer – A resounding YES!

The work translated online beautifully and changed
the face of Family Constellation work forever

The constellation below was recorded and shared early in the pandemic with the Family Constellation community. It was a demonstration for facilitators to show the ease of the shift to online facilitation.


The Mastery Program Level-1 Family Constellation Training is completely online.

When this demonstration was recorded, I had only facilitated online 2 or 3 times, you can tell that the shift from in-person to online was natural and smooth

You will learn this training online with students from all over the world. You will be able to facilitate in-person easily with slight adjustments

5 Books Support Our Training

Here’s the key to being a great facilitator. Understanding why Souls do what they do.

I’ll explain. You and I naturally understand why humans do certain things from a childhood trauma lens. For example – We don’t get into relationships because of our childhood attachment trauma. Relationships hurt when young, so we avoid them when older. This is a psychological lens regarding our actions. This lens is wound based.

Here’s a completely refreshed view, same situation but different motivation. This is a Soul-level lens. Example – Our mother is a loner and avoids relationships and intimacy. Out of love and loyalty to mom, we avoid intimate connections as an adult. If we were to have a loving, intimate connection we would LEAVE MOM BEHIND and as a Soul, we are UNWILLING to do this.

This Soul level lens is love based.

Using this example, from a Constellation perspective, it is not our wound that keeps us out of our relationships, but love and loyalty to family (mom), the family pain or unresolved family traumas.

To understand and facilitate Constellations well, you must understand why Souls do what they do from the Soul-level
This Soul level understanding is learned. By studying these 5 Constellation books, you get example after example learning why Souls do what they do, learning the Language Of Soul

The Books – Click here to check out the books we use for this training

Check out the Family Constellation training reading list on

10 Days Added ~ The New Modules

Business Support

Learning To Facilitate 1-On-1 Constellations

2 Amazing Assistants (Simone & Kristin) Support Our Training

We are blessed to have 2 phenomenal women holding the space & teaching. Both are trained in Family Constellation work. They bring a wealth of life experience and are dedicated to our training and making sure your needs are met.

Simone (Moni) Warstat

Kristin Grayce McGary

The Mastery Program Level-I ~ 2023 Online Training Dates

Weekend I – May 11th-14th (4-days)
Weekend II – June 22nd-25th (4-days)
Weekend III – August 10th-13th (4-days)
Weekend IV – September 21st-24th (4-days)
Weekend V – November 2nd-5th (4-days)
Weekend VI – December 7th-10th (4-days)
Weekend VII – January 18th-21st (4-days/Completion)

Bonus: Business Success Weekend – February 17th-18th

Training block hours: Thursday-Sunday 11:00am-8pm EST (Sundays we end at 7pm EST)
We meet two Thursday nights between each training block 7-10pm EST ~ This supports us to maintain the group connections and keeps the material fresh.

Thursday Dates TBA

Weekend I
The mysterious history of Bert Hellinger & Family Constellation work. Generational trauma impacts everyone. A Constellation intake vs. psychotherapy. The keys to being a GREAT facilitator & Genograms. Books that enrich our skills. Learning the language of Soul (What does this mean?)

Weekend II
Client intakes continued and mastered. Placing representatives into the Field. Personal Constellations for students. Strengthening your intuition.

Location: Worldwide – Online

Family Constellation Training ~ Your Investment

Your price for the entire 28 day training + 12 evening gatherings – $4,900

Sign up now and receive the super early-bird price. Save $1000.
Your price $3,900.
These savings are good until Feb 28th

Plus You Get These Bonuses

I facilitate 1 constellation for each student $500 value
1 Private coaching or business call A $200 value
Half price or FREE to my Constellation events during the training* $500 value

Payment plans are available. Your full training cost is $200 higher when making payments. Contact me to work out a plan that meets your needs.

Next Steps

~ Contact me
~ Sign up for a future event, see if my work is right for you.
~ If you are a full “yes” Reserve your spot with full payment or a deposit.


Getting a refund is not a problem ~ Life happens!

Cancel 1 month before the training begins and receive a full refund minus a $250 admin fee (Ends Jan 23rd).
Cancel less than 1 month prior receive a full refund minus a $400 admin fee (January 23rd – February 23rd).
If you attend the 1st weekend and feel the training is not right for you. You have 2 weeks to take this option. Full refund minus a $700 fee (1st weekend fee).