Family Constellation Training Manual

This manual is unique. Most Constellation books illustrate the work using real life examples (this IS valuable), this manual offers something different. The step by step processes involved in facilitating Constellations from start to finish.

This manual talks about the skills you need to be a successful Family Constellation facilitator, the intake process, how to work in the Field, clues to look for, what to do if a Constellation you are facilitating is not ending well, how to protect your clients from trauma and more.


The Training Manual is an offering to all my students. It’s a culmination of my writings on HOW TO FACILITATE Constellation work and includes the helpful writings I’ve found by other brilliant members in our Field. These including writings by: Mark Wolynn, Suzi Tucker, Bert Hellinger, Bertold Ulsamer, Shavasti (John L Payne) and more.

Please do not share or distribute this training manual, it is only for my Family Constellation students.

Download The Training Manual here

This manual is continuously being updated with my latest learnings and the best resources I have found – The latest update was – Spring 2022

To download the Family Constellation Training Manual in PDF click here

I hope this is a blessing! Contact me if you have any questions


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