Cosmic Constellations

Cosmic Constellations

For thousands of years, perhaps tens of thousands, humans have gone to the medicine people to receive healing.

These Shamans, medicine Women and the rest would serve the people and the tribes.

Many times these healers would support their people at an energetic level. What we are without the body – Consciousness and Energy. The healers would also provide physical remedies. We are in the 3-D human world.

Doctors today provide physical remedies. Some helpful and some not. Doctors today do NOT work at an energetic level.

And yet, almost all Spiritually minded people will say that the root of most diseases is energetic in nature. What is trauma? A blocked or maligned energetic imprint living in the body that causes disharmony within the system.

First and foremost, we are energetic Beings. This body will die, we will survive. The Soul is energetic, a wounded Soul is a “wounded Soul.” This means that at the deepest level – Energy – There are wounds/blocks impacting the human. A “wounded Soul” can carry unresolved wounds between lifetimes. This means that the wounds of one lifetime (if Soulfully significant) can impact future incarnations.

Family Constellations heal at multiple levels. Constellations heal at the level of the Soul. Soul healing. They also work at the level of body and energy. The beauty of Constellation work is the intelligence. Constellation know exactly where to go. Many times you and I DO NOT know what a particular Soul needs for healing. This Divine intelligence knows and directs the healing process where the client needs.

the intelligence behind Constellations see us as body, mind & Spirit. All levels are relevant, but the process knows which level is most relevant.

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    Energies Of Light & Dark

    We live in a world of duality. In this duality, all of us have had lifetimes of Light & Dark. We have played the perpetrators and the victims. We are both Light & Dark.

    I have seen many Constellations where my struggling client was atoning for a Dark Lifetime. this is more common than you realize.

    This is not so much the human level, to me it is more the Spirit level. Are we Light & Dark – Do we use the power of Light or Dark to create?

    We Are Cosmic Beings

    Other things to ponder – Are we missing Soul fragments. Are parts of ourselves stuck in other incarnations. Do we have a tendency towards Light or Dark lifetimes. Do we have attachments. Are Beings or energies attached to us? Are they sucking our life out or do we feed off others.

    We Can Use The Field (Constellation Work)

    To support healing at a human experience level. We can also use the Field to support humans at the Cosmic Level. What are our Cosmic blocks and issues. Are they impacting us this lifetime?

    Cosmic Constellations

    Focus on our relationship to the unseen world. The mystical.

    As Shamans of old would remove attachments, curses and the like. They would provide protection and restore our energetic Field. Cosmic Constellation work provides all of this.

    A true supportive tool for healing at the Cosmic level.

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