If You Want to Heal: Get Support!

The Importance Of Support: A Key To Your Healing & Growth

Taking in the warm love of friends

Taking in the warm love of friends

A Truth About Our Families

For those we loved in our families who weren’t able to grow past their wounds and heal, (our mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers), one of the biggest reasons they couldn’t heal was that they couldn’t face their pain. On some level their pain was too intense for them to fully feel and so they looked away and tried to ignore it.

We must face our pain in order to heal

Another Family Truth

If our families couldn’t face their pain, it’s probably because they didn’t have the emotional support they needed. To face our biggest wounds we need a lot of support, the bigger the wound, the more support needed. It’s very difficult to face your pain if you don’t feel this. This is true for many of you reading this and it was probably true for your parents and grandparents as well.

If you want to heal your pain, you need strong emotional support, this gives
you the strength and courage you need to face your pain

Do You Have The Support You Need?

Are you avoiding painful things in your life right now? A big reason may be that you simply don’t have the emotional support you need.

Child Receiving SupportThink about children: When children are fully supported, they can handle almost any challenge. Children will thrive when they are held, when they get the guidance they need, the home environment they need and they are seen and nourished by the loved ones around them. Note this also, your need for emotional support didn’t change just because you became an adult.

To grow & thrive you still need support, just as you did when you were an innocent child

Where To Get Support

We have different support needs and ways we let support in.

  • The most powerful support we can receive is from a healthy family system. When we can call mom, dad, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and they support us intellectually and emotionally. This is a lovely ideal, though this is not available for every person.
  • We can have a group of loving friends and communities that we reach out to when we’re in need, friends that come quickly to our aid and support us emotionally when we’re struggling.
  • We can use professional routes such as individual & group therapy, gathering outside professional input and supporting us to see our blind spots.
  • We can receive the nourishment of body work, massage & energy work.
  • We can spend our time in nature. We can sit by a fire, spend days in the mountains or be in the presence of lakes and streams.

Final Thought

The more supported you feel in your life, the more strength you’ll have to face your challenges and the more quickly you’ll grow and heal. Gathering support is one of your keys. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. When you get the support you need you’re able to face immense challenges. Get it now.

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