Family Constellation Testimonials and Success Stories

“Thank you so much for the amazing work that you do. The experience was beyond meaningful to me in so many ways. Thank you for providing a safe, supportive and loving environment that allows people to experience deep healing that I’m not sure they could really ever experience in any other way. I definitely still feel the lightness that I felt yesterday after my constellation and look forward to seeing this permeate into all areas of my life. I appreciate you checking in. It definitely means a lot.”

Have a wonderful day!

“my Family Constellation exceeded my wildest expectations”

“Thank you! I have so much more to say than THANK YOU for your fabulous and skillful and mind-blowingly wonderful facilitation. I want you to know my Family Constellation exceeded my wildest expectations, and it was because of you, and those wonderful seven Representatives, my ancestors, the Field, and my grateful huge heart… WOW!!! How blessed are we.”

“Nothing will ever be the same for me”

“Dearest Jack ~ There really aren’t any words of gratitude that can express how I feel about the gift of your heart, the gift of you, that you shared with me and the souls of my family yesterday. As I witnessed and felt into what had happened, then saw with my eyes, and opened my heart to what it could take in of Soul’s truth as it is now, I changed. Everyone changed. Nothing will ever be the same for me. Jack, thank you for choosing to follow your own heart; it’s making it possible for me to follow mine.”

“I have been feeling joy bubbling up, a strong sense of well-being”

“Things are still settling in with the both of us and we are so excited about the changes!

We both feel lighter, happier and have more clarity and things are still shifting… Over the last couple of days I have been feeling joy bubbling up, a strong sense of well-being, for no particular reasons except that I feel deeply me, and as the authentic me, loved and supported. I continue to feel the energetic shifts profoundly, I feel wonderful things approaching and most times a deep peace that everything is just as it should be, no matter what happens.

The constellation was a pivotal moment in my personal evolution, Jack. I appreciate the skill, heart and humility with which you facilitate, It was more than a blessing. Family Constellation is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet for people to emerge from their pain and embrace fresh possibilities for their lives.

“This is a huge burden that has been lifted”

“After the Family Constellation I didn’t feel like I was blaming my parents anymore, just understanding their motivations and actions better. This is a huge burden that has been lifted…”

“I never thought I would be able to feel everything I felt. What a powerful experience”

“Thank you for this great experience, this was my first time doing Family Constellation work, and I never thought I would be able to feel everything I felt. What a powerful experience, thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to seeing you again.”

“An amazing experience…”

“It was an amazing experience to be the focus client last week. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the morphogenic field. It is pretty amazing. Being in the somatic graduate psychology program here at Naropa and studying body psychotherapy, I appreciated the somatic influence of this work…”

“Jack holds the space beautifully…”

“I greatly appreciated Jack’s open-heartedness, skill and flexibility throughout the constellation. As someone who facilitates, I was deeply impressed by Jack’s ability to hold the space for multiple layers of the constellation and follow them through to a loving resolution. He holds the space beautifully and makes everyone involved feel appreciated and seen. One can clearly see how much of his own work Jack has done to get to this point, and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

“feeling your heart so deeply, and finally a release of heavy baggage”

“I attended an all-day Family Constellation workshop facilitated by Karin and Jack and received so much in the process. It is amazing to experience so many sensations and emotions while feeling your heart so deeply, and finally a release of heavy baggage that you don’t have to carry around anymore. I had taken on the entire responsibility of my family and somehow I was not conscious of this, and when it came up I took steps forward. Each step was like walking into a weight-less cloud and coming out with so much freedom. Words will never accurately describe how this feels, and I invite anyone into this work that has a strong desire to lighten their load.”

“Family constellation work is an incredible experience! I would highly recommend it for anyone.”

“I felt held … in humility and confidence…”

“I felt so held by you, Jack…. Your balance of humility and confidence had me profoundly trusting you and the process.”

“This experience was by far the most healing for me…”

“My constellation was totally amazing!! I had never heard of Family Constellations before.I have worked on my pain re: losing my mother on so many occasions; I have lost count, but this experience was by far the most healing for me… It is powerful work, Jack, and I cannot thank you enough for the experience. I also learned a lot about myself from everyone else’s constellation.I think that because of my new insight I can have a better relationship with my own daughter.”

“Amazing! It’s a must experience.”

“Something unfolds before your eyes… It’s like magic”

“A very wise and profound way for emotional healing”

“It is most definitely a unique experience. A very wise and profound way for emotional healing through accessing one’s ancestral past.”

“such beautiful, impactful work”

“I’m appreciating your skillful, heartful facilitation, Jack! I feel the gifts from having been a part of such beautiful, impactful work. Thank you!”

“the collective impact of your work is beautiful”

“I enjoyed the constellation very much and learned a lot from it. The external manifestation of an internal process was quite helpful! I feel honored by you and the group taking me through such a deep process! Everyone’s journey is individual, but the collective impact of your work is beautiful to not only take part in, but also to watch!”