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Supporting Constellation Facilitators To SUCCEED

Becoming a successful Constellation Facilitator is not easy! It takes years and dedication. You must learn two very different things – Family Constellation facilitation and business & entrepreneurship.

These are very different, requiring different skills, even different parts of the brain.

And yet, they can both be learned as long as you put in the time.

Doing this by yourself is hard!

Doing this with a group = MUCH EASIER.

Getting advice and support from those who have walked before you also lightens the load.

I am dedicated to helping you Succeed. Together we are STRONG!

Two Ways I Support You

First, we have a business-group mastermind meeting bi-weekly. We address your business challenges and blocks.

Using the mastermind concept (Together we are stronger and support one another) to resolve our issues. Every week we set up Constellation vignettes. All questions are answered and we have a Facebook group to support you 24/7

I also offer 1-on-1 coaching at an affordable rate ($99). Here we can discuss all the ins and outs of building your business. Where and how to market. Are you blocked around charging.

There are 2 ways I can support you. You can join our group mastermind which meets once per week. We answer all questions, set up mini-Constellations and have one another’s backs. You will be part of the Facebook group where I am available 24/7 to support you and answer any questions. This group is well worth the $200 monthly investment and your time. If you bring in 1 extra client per month, you have made your investment back.

1-On-1 Coaching. I also offer coaching at an affordable rate. Here you get all your personal questions answered. We will go over your marketing, your website, how you are reaching out to clients. What you need to change, what are your blocks and more. Comprehensive. Everything you need to succeed as a professional Family Constellation facilitator is covered. If you need support and someone to lean on, this is the offer for you. I offer this because I am PASSIONATE about you succeeding as a Family Constellation Facilitator.

I believe you bringing your gifts helps the world and I want to support you in this. It is a WORTHY endeavor.

I Can Help – Here’s Why

Simply enough – Because I’ve been there. I’ve climbed the mountain and I’ve succeeded. I’ve faced most of the challenges you will face and I’ve come through. And I can tell you

It is not easy!

But with help and support, it is totally achievable

My Story – I’ve been there. From starting out 12 years ago with small gatherings in my home, asking attendees for $20 and facilitating. I remember the first time I charged $100 for a Constellation, the resistances and butterflies. I still recall a BIG achievement when I made $1000 for a 1-day event. I learned how to create 6-week series events