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Supporting Family Constellation Facilitators to SUCCEED

Family Constellation Business Success

Becoming a successful Constellation Facilitator isn’t easy! It takes dedication & hard work.

You learn two very different skills – How to facilitate Constellations & how to SUCCEED in business. These are so different, they even use different parts of the brain.

And yet, both are learned. The only requirement is putting in the heart & time.

Your dedication will pay off with happy clients, a successful practice and the freedom to follow your heart’s desires!

Sounds good right?

The Early Days

I remember my early days, a newbie facilitator. I offered Constellations for $20, happy to have people at my events just to practice. But eventually I needed to make money. I wanted to bring Constellations to the world and I needed a reliable income to support this.

“This is the challenge ALL new facilitators face.”


I raised my prices, charging $75 for a Constellation, then $100 and more. Every time I raised my prices I faced my demons (Doubts: Will people come, am I worth this much). I remember the first time I made $1000 hosting a 1-day event, I was thrilled, knowing I was going to make it.

Being financially supported by Family Constellation work had allowed me to focus on helping my clients, writing consciousness articles and bringing my GIFTS to the world.

Charging sufficiently for my focus client spots allows me to offer representative spots for FREE, allowing me to share Constellation work with more people.

Along The Way

I learned marketing, what events and structures WORKED (1-day, 2-day, 6-week series, etc.). I studied the nuances of speaking about Constellations.

I learned to write for different online platforms (Hint: Every platform requires different writing).

I also answered these questions for myself – In person events or online events, do flyers work? and more.

I rented a space and called it MY OWN. Decorated just the way I loved. It felt good bringing people into MY HEALING SPACE.


“When you put in the time and effort, you arrive at your goal.
Reaching this is beautiful & rewarding.”


I learned a lot on my own AND I’ve had TREMENDOUS SUPPORT. From working weekly with my therapist and removing business BLOCKS to constellating business issues such as charging money, being seen & fears around marketing with my coach and mentor Dan Cohen.

I’ve also read hundreds of business books such as Mindset by Carol Dweck (for letting go of perfectionism). I can recommend all my favorites that supported my growth and evolution.

All this SUPPORT, nourishment and learning supported my SUCCESS.

This is what Sage Business Advice offers – SUPPORT!

Supported To Learn Family Constellation Work

Two Unique Ways I Support You

The Sage Business Mastermind Group

We are a group of Constellation business professionals & students who come together twice per month. We Constellate our business issues and personal blocks. We share wisdom, wins and losses. We support one another and have a dedicated Facebook group where all business questions are answered.

It’s $99 per month to belong. Your investment pays for itself almost immediately. If you get one extra $200 client you’ve paid for the Mastermind group for 2 months.


“$ This group makes financial cents $”


We meet two Saturday mornings every month. At our events we discuss marketing, business structures and more. We share in group discussion and dialogue, plus we constellate OUR BUSINESS ISSUES.

We use the Field to resolve our business blocks and do the personal work necessary to succeed.

We study different business topics every group.

Secondly: 1-ON-1 Business Coaching

Here’s the 2nd way I SUPPORT you. Business advice, mentorship & coaching

You see, I’ve been there. I’ve been leading events for 15+ years (Constellation, breathwork & authenticity). I’ve faced many of the fears and demons you’ll face. the fears of being seen, having to cancel events, how to market and connect with your tribe, websites, should you rent a permanent space and more.

I’ve done all these. I’ve faced the challenges and come through. Now I’m on the other side.

I could start over right now and create a successful business that would support me financially in months. Because I know how to do it and – I’ve removed the blocks.

I will share the keys to business success with you!

I can look over your marketing materials, help with your website, fliers, how much to charge, where your blocks are and more… I am a shoulder to lean on

Reserve a Constellation business coaching session

The hourly coaching is $99 per hour when you prepay for 3 sessions. Or $129 for 1 session. This is ONLY available to Family Constellation facilitators & students, I don’t work with anyone else.

I offer this because I care about your success as a Family Constellation facilitator.

If you succeed, Constellations succeed. And this is something WE BOTH WANT.

You can pay and reserve a Constellation biz coaching session now.

Constellation Business Coaching

A Community Supports You

In this group and with this 1-on-1 support we do this together. When one of us wins, we all win.

Together we are strong.

The Opportunity For You

You will be SUPPORTED

You will receive the wisdom and insights to bring this work to the world

The pricing is SUPPORTIVE of you as a new entrepreneur.

Success Stories

“Jack holds the space beautifully…” “I greatly appreciated Jack’s open-heartedness, skill and flexibility throughout the constellation. As someone who facilitates, I was deeply impressed by Jack’s ability to hold the space for multiple layers of the constellation and follow them through to a loving resolution. He holds the space beautifully and makes everyone involved feel appreciated and seen. One can clearly see how much of his own work Jack has done to get to this point, and it is a pleasure to work with him.”