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Grow Your Family Constellation Business

A Group For Family Constellation Professionals

Bringing your gift to the world blesses humanity. Your clients need this medicine, your family benefits and your life is enriched with heart & love.

And yet most Family Constellation facilitators struggle bringing this gift to “market.”

Dare I say it – To make a living

There’s a natural wiring with most facilitators – loving, heartfelt, committed, outside the box thinkers, integrity, kind, caring. We are people people.

We generally don’t like –

Asking for payment, marketing ourselves or our businesses. Many of us are NOT WIRED for business thinking & creating events, space rental and logistical challenges can be daunting.

But The Truth Is

To be a successful Family Constellation facilitator we need BOTH!

The skills of facilitation & the skills of business building.

Without both we’ll struggle bringing Constellation to the world.

This Topic Means Everything To Me

I’m so passionate because the world needs OUR MEDICINE. If we’re not successful, we’re in trouble, our World is in trouble. The Planet and Her peoples need us to succeed now more than ever and this responsibility has fallen to us.


Learning Family Constellation Business together

Building a business is hard, if it were easy everyone would do it. It’s taken me 10 years to get where I’m at. I’ve learned SO MUCH during the process. I want to share with you what I’ve learned, perhaps saving you years and great effort.

Together, as a Tribe, we can move forward SO MUCH FASTER!

The Sage Business Advice Community

Is a community that support Family Constellation facilitators build successful businesses.

Here’s how…

First, you’re supported with 24/7 business advice. You get all the advice you need – anytime you need it. All your business questions are answered. I’ve been there and have worked through the BIGGEST issues. I know what it takes to build a SUCCESSFUL CONSTELLATION BUSINESS.

Also, if you have questions around marketing or events, you post them to the Tribe. You get the answers you need to MOVE FORWARD. This group is a MASTERMIND. Through our collective wisdom, magic happens. We are STRONGER TOGETHER and this community supports us all.

Inner Game vs. Outer Game

We have to talk about this. The inner personal work (inner game) is crucial to succeeding. Your stuff will come up when you create and lead events. Most of you will have to address this inner healing to succeed.

My Story, My Struggles…

The Day I Stopped Working

“I remember the day I stopped working. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t write another marketing email, I COULDN’T create another event – I was done.

The only thing I wanted to do was imitate Julie Andrews. Burnout From Family Constellation workHiking was my salvation and for the next 8 months that’s all I did.

After 8 months, my mojo finally came back along with my love of creating. I asked myself what had gone wrong and it was not overwork…

I was terrified.

This fear built up in my body until I froze like Lake Placid.

Here are some of my fears revealed…

I was scared of creating events and nobody showing up (failing publicly). I had primal fears of sending out email invites and nobody responding (asking from my mother), I had terror around taking on too much responsibility and being crushed by it and more…

But I Learned Something Important

I realized it was the little boy in me who was terrified. That my childhood wounds were in play every time I led a business venture or marketed my work. That being seen TERRIFIED him.

When I returned from my mountain hiatus I began putting his needs first. His safety became my first concern when I did anything on a business side. When I mastered this and truly took care of the “little one” the fears diminished.

The unresolved childhood wounds dramatically come into play as you build your business and offer your gifts to the world. If you leave these unresolved THEY WILL ultimately sabotage your business success. These must be addressed.

Getting Support

Walking the path of a Family Constellation facilitator can be lonely, but it does not have to be. When we join together – We are stronger! When we bounce ideas off one another, share in the struggles and fears we are strengthened.

Coming together is a key to success. In Sage we develop community and connections. We share wins and losses. We support one another, we care. This is a group with heart and love.

The Sage Business Advice Private Facebook Group

We use the community platform Facebook to support our connections. We converse, many times daily, we join together every 2 weeks to Facilitate Constellations for one another. We use the Field to support our business growth and learning.

This group is limited to 20 facilitators & students of FC work to create our connections and intimacy. This is a private group and nobody else can see it, allowing us to reveal what is really going on and GETTING THE SUPPORT we need.

When You Join You Get

  • A personal business Constellation facilitated by me
  • A private call diagnosing your business
  • We join in Business Constellations every 2 weeks
  • All your business questions are answered 24/7
  • Discounts on personal Constellation work, supervision & support
  • A supportive MASTERMIND community

Family Constellation facilitators from around the globe

A Worldwide Tribe

We are facilitators from around the World. We come together bi-weekly and facilitate Constellations for one another. We support one another on the chats and platform. We are committed to bringing Family Constellation work to the world to the best of our abilities.

The BIG Question – The Cost

I am committed to bringing you this support at a substantial value. It is THIS IMPORTANT that your work gets out into the world. By bring a group together I am able to offer this at a substantial discount.

I have 3 prices available – They all get you access to everything you see above. The price is $147 per month. If finances are a struggle for you, you can pay $97 per month. If you are in another country and costs are very different from the United States you can pay the lowest rate $67 per month.

That’s it. It’s a monthly membership to belong and receive the support. You can cancel anytime your feel you’re not receiving value from the group.

But – You Must Apply

I DO NOT let everyone in this group. You must be actively creating or plan on creating group events. You must be in the process of building your business. This brings a certain energy to the group. If you would like to join – Simply schedule a call with me and we will go through the application process.

If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns – reach out, happy to talk and support.

Sincerely, Jack Blackwell