Sage Business Advice: Incubator

Week #1 – Introductions

I am grateful to have shared a part of my Saturday with you. It was a blessing to be in circle and be able to facilitate those two pieces of work!!

This poem/story has always been one of my favorites. I have read it many times. Like Anna I was not seen, this is a wound I’ve had to work. Enjoy!

My Notes from Week #1

~ Building momentum
~ We need support
~ Inner child
~ Dan: What’s holding me back?
~ Perfectionism
~ Meetup groups
~ Exclusion/visibility
~ Honestly showing up and being seen
~ Bringing together heart & mind
~ Being heard & seen
~ The decision to say “yes” to the work – Fully committing!
~ Leanne’s Center
~ Being okay losing people while speaking truth
~ The vibration of fully speaking truth vs withholding truth to reach more people
~ Siobhan: Marrying both sides of the family
~ “Fear of doing harm” – Who did harm?
~ Self care
~ Being seen. Putting oneself out there and repeating heals the wound.

Week #1 Check-Ins

Presentation – Being Seen & More…

Vignette Constellations – Dad & War + Skeptics & Mystics

Closing shares

Week #2

Notes from Week #2

~ Giving things away – Not risking rejection
~ Feeling the pain of others, but not feeling our own
~ Giving & Receiving
~ Next steps
~ Income easier from ongoing groups

Week #2 Recordings

Group Check-Ins

Group Conversation – Putting Ourselves Out There & Facing Rejection – Healing This

Dorit Vignette – “What If You Heal With Your Family?”