NEXT LEVEL – October

October 8th Recordings

Welcome to the group - Introductions
Heba & Carmen share about their business
Silver talks about her business
FC Pet Demo - Carmen for Sarah "Missing Kitty"

October 15th Recordings

Group Check-Ins. Personal
Check-ins. How is your business?
Breakout room - Sarah, Heba, Rosabelle & Silver

October 22nd Recordings

"Sharing our gifts with the world" & Working in the realms of magic
What the group needs & What blocks us. Costarring - Cosmic Helpers & A New Paradigm
Business check ins. How are our businesses doing, next steps.
Your personal Soul Integrity regarding what you charge. Not coming from the wound.

October 29th Recordings

Brett Vignette - Should We Facilitate Friends For Free?
Constellation business structures & How much do we need to make per year?
How we can easily make $40,000 to $60,000 per year
Intentionally left blank