March 10th Recordings

Tania - Into The Woods
Dorit - Loneliness & The Highest Family Soul
Moon - Reconnecting with Mom & Dad
Tania for Jack - The Yoni
Clearing Adam's Body & Field

March 17th Recordings

Jack for Intissar - Soul work in the World
Adam for Brett - The Rabbit
Intissar for Tania - What do the Clients Need?

March 24th Recordings

Jack Presents - Event Structures for FC That Work
Brett for Moon - Resourcing for Next Event
Jack for Tania - Getting into Nature Part 2
Tania for Dorit - Challenges with Mom
Jack for Leanne - Support to Move Forward

March 31st Recordings

Jack Presentation - The Importance of Getting Support
Moon for Intissar - The Scared Little One
Jack for Dorit - The One Who Walked Alone