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Holotropic Breathwork Workshop Boulder

About Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is as transformative an experience as one can have. It operates on the non-rational and non-linear mind, providing deep insights about life, karmic conditioning, places of transition, life path, love and life, energy and intuition, and so much more.

Developed by the noted transpersonal psychologist Stanislav Grof, this profound practice uses the breath, music, and dyad work to gently guide participants into a non-ordinary state of consciousness; a place where visions, insights, and the dance of life and death come alive.

I devote ample time to providing a context before the practice begins, as well as space afterwards to integrate the profound insights that will be experienced. One person “sits” with a participant who “journeys”, helping them along their path. Afterwards, they switch places. This “sitting” for your partner can be a profound teaching about the true nature of helping. For some people, the sitting experience is filled with as much emotion, insight, and self-discovery as the breathing experience.

Holotropic BreathworkHolotropic Breathwork has been likened to the profound altered state of consciousness found in some of the most ancient and deep shamanic practices, and you can get into this state without the need to ingest chemicals and without any danger of overwhelm (as you are always in control of the process, even though your consciousness may be extremely “altered”).

This profound practice can be powerfully healing for couples, families, groups, and organizations. Contact me via email to learn more today or call (720) 275-2756


The Next Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

Boulder: June 7th & 8th
Hours: Friday 7:00pm-10:00
Saturday 9:00am-7:00

Early registration price $185* (5/20 at midnight)
Regular registration $240

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Private Holotropic Breathwork Session (Boulder/Denver)

The private Holotropic Breathwork session is perfect for you if you can’t make a full workshop or have a strong preference to work alone. During this session I will be your personal guide into the Holotropic process. We will schedule 4 hours together. We will coordinate the time and date to work with your needs. We will start with a personal call before your session to prepare you, I will then guide you through an entire arc of a Holotropic Breathwork process.

A private Holotropic Breathwork session with me is $275