Holotropic Breathwork And Healing Trauma

Holotropic Breathwork can be a significant part of your healing process. Holotropic Breathwork is great at supporting you in many ways. Healing trauma: One of its best!

When our pain gets stuck

There were moments in our lives when the pain was too intense to fully feel and process. What can happen in these moments is that we bury the feelings and emotions, suppressing them and we move on. This is a survival mechanism and we need it. However, these unfelt feelings stay stuck within us and become energetic blocks, sometimes even walls, depending on the amount of trauma from your past. These blockages can and will prevent you from fully enjoying, and living, the life you desire.

This is true for me and it’s true for many of you reading this.

Your unresolved trauma can lead to

  • Irrational Fears
  • Compulsions
  • Blocks to intimacy
  • Uncontrollable and painful reactions to specific situations and circumstances
  • Inability to fully express who you are to people
  • A lack of vitality and life energy

Plus much more. If your trauma is unresolved, it will impact your life!

Releasing Trauma

The wild animals around us know how to release trauma. It’s natural and wired into them. Its wired into us too but societal constraints undermine our body’s natural responses.

Click the polar bear and watch the 2 minute video to understand this. They need to tranquilize the bear to tag and track him/her, this is a scary process for the polar bear…

Its simple: The stuck feelings and emotions underneath the trauma need to be fully felt and released. And its not that simple!

This can be scary, here is the key: You have to explore the suppressed feelings and emotions in a safe setting, while being supported.

Holotropic Breathwork & trauma

As I have shared, Holotropic Breathwork supports you to heal in many different ways. Big life-shifts are very common. One of its best ways HB supports your healing is through the release of trauma!

It creates the perfect setting: A safe space, great support, your body is part of the process and your intuition and inner wisdom guide you. There is nothing better than this combination.

Very best, Jack

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