Your Epic Journey?

“One of the BIGGEST challenges we have as humans,
perhaps our biggest challenge: is fully feeling
our emotions. All of them. This is hard!”

~ Jack Blackwell

Negative Emotions

Your hero’s journey?

I believe that avoiding feeling our full emotional experience is a inherent challenge of of being human. I also believe that to embrace everything you feel is a BIG part of your hero’s/heroine’s journey

When you find the strength to embrace the fullness of your human experience, miracles will happen in your life.

Our suffering

When we do not (or cannot) feel the full range of our human experience, when we stuff our feelings, we cause ourselves long-lasting, long-term pain. (Note: We can resist feeling our emotions, both the positive and the negative, both our joy and our pain)

  • In relationship – If we suppress our hurt and judgments we blow up at those we most care about
  • In intimate relationships – Our hearts stay closed (intimacy is built on sharing authentically. We have to feel all of ourselves and share these parts with another to create the deepest connection)
  • When we stuff our grief, our bodies become ill and sick
  • Stuffed anger leads to heart attacks
  • If you can’t access your strength impulses you will probably not succeed in your personal mission or in the world of business
  • If you cannot know and feel your beauty, you will not be able to receive the love of others

I believe you will experience your greatest sense of personal strength when you can finally feel all of your feelings. When you do this you honor your entire human experience and you will thrive.

To explore your suppressed feelings and emotions
you need a safe setting and you need
to be receiving great support.



Holotropic Breathwork & our suppressed selves

As I have shared, Holotropic Breathwork supports your healing in many ways, such as releasing trauma. Big life-shifts are very common. Another way Holotropic Breathwork supports your healing is through allowing you to integrate and feel all parts of yourself.

It creates the perfect setting: A safe space, great support, your body is part of the process and your intuition and inner wisdom guide you. There is nothing better than this combination.

In Loving Service,

Jack Blackwell

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