FCT Weekend Three

Thursday’s Recordings, December 7th 2023

Weekend III - What Paul Needs
Presentation - Don't get overwhelmed - Just one step
Breakout Room - Standing in not knowing - Paul, Jack, Julie, Petra
Breakout Room - Standing in not knowing - Kristin Grayce, Anujha, Amber & Jennifer
What our group needs - What Jack needs
Vignettes ~ Julie for Paul - Paul for Jennifer & Amber for Petra

Friday’s Recordings, December 8th, 2023

Jack Presentation - Healing statements & movements in the Field
Breakout Room - Too close, too far & just right (Anujha, Maria, Amber & Jack)
Simone's Breakout Room, Paul, Julie, Petra, Too Far, Too Close, Healthy Distance
Full Constellation for Julie
Discussing Innocence
Jack Presentation - Facilitator control & projection

Saturday’s Recordings, December 9th

Simone's Breakout Room, Trust & Need for Control, Amber & Julie
Breakout Room Trust & Control (Maria, Paul, Jack & Julie)
Jack Presents - Facilitator Projection
Facilitator Practice - Jennifer for Anujha
Facilitator Practice - Paul for Kristin Grayce
Facilitator Practice - Amber for Jayne
Facilitator Practice - Julie for Petra
Jack Presents - Where are reps looking, what do they see

Sunday’s Recordings – December 10th

Jack Presents 4.3 ~ Your facilitator attitude
Student constellations - Petra for Maria
Student Constellations - Kristin Grayce for Amber
Student Constellations - Anujha for Paul
Student Constellations - Kristin Grayce for Julie

Thursday December 21st

Anand FC - Healing Galactic & Past LIfetimes
Anand FC - Debrief

Thursday January 4th

Discussing the book & John Payne's Perspectives
Training Manual Presentation - 5.9 - 5.11 Ending a Constellation, Cleaning up the messy ones
Vignette Constellation - What our group needs, grounding & Healthy Ancestors