FCT Weekend Six

Thursday’s Recordings, April 11th 2024

Jack Presentation & Group Discussion - Mediumistic Constellations or Psychological Constellations
Practice Facilitations - Psychological Constellations vs Mediumistic Constellations
Demo FC Jack for Jennifer - The Great Great Grandparents Trauma
Practice FC Paul for Amber - Amber's Spirit & The Relevant Past Life

Friday’s Recordings, April 12th

Julie vignette - With Integrated Anger
Anujha for Julie ~ The Little One Distrusts
Jennifer for Anujha - "She is Still Family"
Julie for Paul - Burning the Contract

Saturday’s Recordings, April 13th

Jack Presentation & Group Discussion - "I'm Sorry" vs "It's All Perfect"
Amber for Maria - Taking the Antidote
Raina for Amber - Resolving Incestual Vibes
Paul for Jennifer - Lost in the Woods

Sunday’s Recordings, April 14th

Jennifer for Julie - The Dark Past Life & The Curse
Maria for Raina - Healing the Miscarriages

Thursday April 25th

Student Facilitations - Psychological Shifts vs Soul Shifts

Thursday May 16th

Julie Practice Facilitation - Victims & Perpetrators
Maria Practice Facilitation Victims & Perpetrators
Paul Practice Facilitation - Kristin Grayce's Mother & Father