FCT Weekend Seven

Thursday’s Recordings, May 23rd 2024

Jack Presentation ~ Psychological vs Mystical Constellations
Full Constellation ~ Jack for Maria: Healthy Ancestors & Trauma
Maria FC Debrief
Jack Presents ~ Loving the Light & Dark ~ Everything Gets a Place
Jack Presentation ~ Can we Trust The field? Is It Intelligent?
Light & Dark Lifetimes ~ Kristin Grayce for Julie & Paul for Anujha
Light & Dark Lifetimes ~ Julie for Paul & Paul for Kristin Grayce
Group Exercise ~ Cosmic, Ancestral & Earth Support

Friday’s Recordings, May 24th

Julie & Jack for Maria - Birthing the Dark Through the Portal
Kristin Grayce for Amber - Amber's Little One Can't Save Them
Debrief & Check-ins - Kristin Grayce for Amber

Saturday’s Recordings, May 25th

Anuja for Paul - Atoning for the past
Kristin Graycde for Anuja - His love was good enough
Group Exercise - You before the training - You now
Jack Before the training - Jack now

Sunday’s Recordings, May 26th

Paul for Krisgtin Grayce - Childhood Terror
Paul for Kristin Grayce - Debrief
Raina for Simone - Why the block?
Closing Ritual - Walking the Soul home. The Human Journey
Closing Shares - Our Almost Final Circle