FCT Weekend One

Thursday’s Recordings

Jack Presentation - Qualities of a Great Facilitator
Angelique Constellation
Angelique Constellation Debrief
Paul Presentation - Genogram

Friday’s Recordings

Jennifer Presentation - Genogram
Jack Presents - Being a Great Facilitator Part 2
Julie Presentation - Genogram
Jack Presents on Hellinger & Accepting Our Parents
Amber Presentation - Genogram

Saturday’s Recordings

Petra Constellation. The Women in the Lineage
Petra Constellation Debrief
Jack Presentation - Intro to Intake
Jack Intake Demo With Raina
Raina Genogram Presentation

Sunday’s Recordings

Angelique Genogram Demonstration
Breakout Room - Body, Mind, Spirit (Amber, Angelique, Julie, Anujha)

Thursday, October 5th & 26th. Practice Day Saturday October 14th Recordings

Thursday October 5th - Amber & Petra practice facilitating - 5D & 3D Self
Saturday, October 14th - Facilitation Practice, Paul & Petra
Paul facilitating for Petra
Petra facilitating for Paul
Thursday Oct 26th Conversation on the book, Victim Perpetrator & Wholeness
Thursday Oct 26th (Breakout Room) Soul Self, Human Self, Cosmic Self
Petra's Constellation
Raina's Constellation with Petra's Debrief
Kristin Grayce's Constellation
Thursday Oct 26th Breakout Room - Soul Self, Cosmic Self & Human Self
Jack, Julie, Paul & Amber