FCT Weekend Four

Thursday’s Recordings, January 18th 2024

Practice Facilitation - Our Relationship to Victims & Perpetrators
Practice Facilitation - Julie for Kristin Grayce (Support for my event)
Practice Facilitation - Kristin Grayce for Paul (Giving back the Trauma)
Jack Presents - Our Inner Child & Facilitation
Breakout Rooms - (Jack) Our Little ones & What they Need
Breakout Room Simone - Inner Child with Amber, Raina, Paul

Friday’s Recordings, January 19th 2024

Jack Presentation - Relevance of Inner Child Work
Inner Child Vignettes and Jack Demo
Practice Facilitation - Maria for Amber - Mother's Abuse
Practice Facilitation - Paul for Maria - Portal to Source
Jack Presentation - Supporting Clients with Trauma
Student Vignettes - Levels of Trauma - Past Life, Childhood & Ancestral

Saturday’s Recordings, January 20th

Student Vignettes - Ancestral, Past Life & Childhood Strengths
Practice FC ~ Amber for Julie
Practice FC ~ Raina for Trinity

Sunday’s Recordings, January 21st

Elizabeth Lynn Rohr Presents ~ Working 1-on-1 with clients
Table Top Constellations BR Simone with Julie & Raina
Practice Facilitation - Julie for Raina
Breakout Room ~ Ability to Trust & Need to Control (Jack)
Ability to trust & Need to control, BR Simone with Paul, Raina, Jennifer

Thursday February 1st

Jack ~ Presentation on Trauma & Group Conversation
Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine

Saturday February 3rd – Practice Group

Practice Group - Amber, Julie, Petra, Paul, Kristin-Grayce, Simone

Thursday February 15th

Inner Feminine & Masculine Vignettes - Amber for Julie
Inner Feminine & Masculine Vignettes - Paul for Amber
Inner Feminine & Masculine Vignettes - Julie for Anuja
Inner Feminine & Masculine Vignettes - Anuja for Raina