FCT Weekend Five

Thursday’s Recordings, February 29th 2024

Demo FC - Broken Down - Jack for Raina - Embracing the Dark & Light
Paul for Amber - The Ancestors Power
Julie for Reminder - The Bodies Collapse & Anger

Friday’s Recordings, March 1st

Student FC - Raina for Julie - The Childhood Abuse
Student FC Petra for Jennifer - Supporting Mom
Student FC - Maria for Paul - Paul & Dad + Stealing in the Ancestry
Highest Selves: Self, Mom, Dad, Breakout Room Simone
Breakout Room Higher Selves - Maria, Paul & Petra - Jack

Saturday’s Recordings, March 2nd

Jack Presentation - Important Facilitator Focus at the End of a Constellation
Demo FC - Jack for Anujha - Family Trauma
Jennifer for Petra - Dar & "The Event"
Amber for Maria - Healing With Dad

Sunday’s Recordings, March 3rd

Simone Presents - Exercises to use in 1-on-1 type situations
Anujha for Kristin Grayce - Mom's Debilitating War Entanglement
Stef for Simone - Dad's Sexual Trauma

Thursday March 14th

Jack Presents - Loyalty to Family or Loyalty to Self
Jack Demo for Paul - Loyalty
Kristin Grayce for Amber - Loyalty
Amber for Kristin Grayce - Loyalty
Julie Demo for Petra - Loyalty

Thursday March 28th

Julie's Meditation
Jack Presentation - Working with Couples Fields
Paul for Simone - the Pain Underneath
Julie for Amber - Little Zack