Family Constellations & Reptillians

Annya 1st FC – This is my first experience with Reptilians. They show up for about 30 minutes then leave. I have to look them up after the Constellation, but they feel dark and ominous. This was the experience that took me down the Reptilian and Conspiracy rabbit hole.

Since this Constellation I have been learning about the Cosmic as fast as I can.

Karl Heinz Roucher – Here KHR does a 1-person FC regarding Covid and the roots. It is slow moving for the 1st half, but worthwhile. In the end he points to off planet beings and Covid being an attack against humanity. Good overview of what is going on, the only problem being, since there are no reps more room for projection.

After seeing Annya’s first FC I decided to get a book to support me in knowing how to deal with the Reptilians. I picked out the right book. The knowledge I gained here supported me in facilitating a helpful Constellation for this client.

How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth

Here is the book in case you want to learn more –

Annya 2nd FC – In this FC Annya decides she does not want to work on Reptilians but would rather focus on “Murder in her family.” Well the Reptilians showed up anyway and are probably the reason there is murder in her family in the first place.

Covid 19 FC

Sabrina FC – Working in the Field. Something is tremendously flat and Finally after over an hour I bring in a rep for the energy in the family line, this is when things finally take off. Dark Beings perpetrating against these Holy Women thousands of years before. One of my friends was holding the role of the Reptilians and literally she felt them f*ck*ng with her as she held the role. She can see these Beings and knows about them, so she was a good person to carry this.