Family Constellation Training – Weekend 3 & Thursdays


Thursday, 9-15-2022

Jack Presentation My facilitation Process Step by Step

Amal FC Girl In The Cave

Definitions & Concepts Conscience, Loyalty and belonging

D & C Identification

Small Group Self, FC & Inner Child Michelle, Leanne, Tara, Adam

BR – FC Facilitation, Inner Child, Self, Facilitator – Amal, Jamie, Marta, Elizabeth, Moni

Jack Presentation Soul & Healing Statements

Soul & Healing Statements Part 2

BR – Soul Statements – Marta, Jamie, Adam, Moni

Friday, 9-16-2022

Soul Statements Presentation & Moni FC

Jack Presentation Owning Our Perpetrator

V & P Tara’s vignette Elizabeth Vignette

BR – Inner Perpetrator & Inner Victim – Michelle, Tara, Moni

Saturday, 9-17-2022

Presentation on V & P Movements in the Field Adam & Group Inner Child FC

Adam Inner Children Debrief

Michelle – Full FC

Sunday, 9-18-2022

Group Discussion V & P

Group FC What Does The Group Need Today

Small group intuition Marta Erin Jamie Michelle Jack

Small group, Intuition, Leanne, Amal, Tara, Adam, Elizabeth

Thursday, 9-29-2022

Elizabeth and Jack on Mother Wound & Group Discussion

Amal’s Constellation


Thursday, 10-13-2022

Jack Presentation Working in the Field

BR – Relationship with Life & Death – Jamie, Leanne, Marta, Moni

Vignettes Life & Death Michelle, Erin, Tara