Family Constellation Training – Weekend 2 & Thursdays


Thursday, 8-4-2022

Q & A On FC Work

Definitions & Concepts Part 1 Page 112

Demo Intake Adam’s Constellation

Adam’s Full Constellation

Practice Constellation – Jamie facilitating for Tara

Vignette – Self, FC Work, What we need to see – Tara, Elizabeth, Marta

Vignette – Self, FC Work, What we need to see – Jamie, Moni, Amal, Jack

Friday, 8-5-2022

Jack Presentation Holding A Group Field

Safe Facilitation For Those With A Lot Of Trauma 2 stories

Vignettes Jamie, Leanne & Erin Love & Block

Vignette – Amal, Adam, Elizabeth – Self, Love, Block

Vignette – Self, Love, Block – Marta, Tara, Moni

Adam Facilitating for Amal

Leanne For Marta & Brother

Adam Vignette Giving & Receiving Last 20 minutes

Saturday, 8-6-2022

Belonging Conversation

Giving & Receiving Jack Tara, Erin & Marta

Vignette – Jamie, Amal, Moni – Self, Giving, Receiving

Breakout Room – Amal, Moni – Self, Loyalty to family

Breakout Room – Elizabeth, Marta – Self, Loyalty to Family

Jack FC For Leanne Bringing My Gifts To The World

D&C What’s Excluded from Lineage What Amal Carries For Family & Why

Student FC Amal Supporting Erin

Vignette for Leanne – Blind Love

Sunday, 8-7-2022

Tara Practice FC For Jamie Inner Child

Debrief Practice FC For Jamie

Definitions & Concepts – Who/What is excluded

Inner Child Presentation Leanne FC

Closing Constellation & Check outs

Vignette – Jack for Marta

Breakout Room – Erin & Moni – Who or What is excluded

Thursday, 8-18-2022

Breakout Room – Accepting vs. Resisting Fate – Jamie, Michelle, Elizabeth, Moni

Breakout Room – Cost of not accepting Fate – Leanne & Moni

Definitions & Concepts Accepting Fate

Michelle Practice For Amal

Thursday, 9-1-2022

Talk Presentation on Inner Child Healing

Adam Practice FC for Erin

Breakout Room, Inner Child Gifts – Michelle & Moni