Family Constellation Training – Weekend 1 & Thursdays


We are glad you are here. All recordings will be posted here for you to view, study and enjoy.

You can thank Moni for this as she is our video master of ceremony.

Day 1) Thursday, 6-16-2022

Overview of the Training

Keys to Being a Great Facilitator Part 1

Erin’s Intake for the FC

Erin’s FC

Keys to Being a Great Facilitator Part 2

Tara Vignette Soul, Human, etc

Day 2) Friday, 6-17-2022

Jamie FC

Jamie FC Debrief

Intake Presentation & Elizabeth Demo

Michelle Genogram

Breakout Room with Moni & Elizabeth

Day 3) Saturday, 6-18-2022

Erin FC

Nuance to Facilitation

Keys to being a Great Faciliator 3

Presentation on Taking & Guilt

Leanne Genogram

Vignettes Guilt & Fate Adam, Jamie, Tara

Vignette Human Self Soul Self Tara, Leanne, Erin

Vignette Guilt & Fate Elizabeth, Michella, Marta

Vignette Human Self Soul Self Elizabeth, Jamie, Michelle

Vignette Guilt & Fate Moni, Leanne, Erin

Vignette Human Self Soul Self Moni, Adam, Marta

Day 4) Sunday, 6-19-2022

Intake Demo Jack for Moni

Marta Genogram

Dad Vignettes Michelle, Tara, Erin, Leanne

Dad Vignettes – Adam, Marta, Jamie, Elizabeth, Moni

Tara Genogram

Thursday, 7-07-2022

Conversation Seeing the Love

Small Group Vignettes Adam, Michelle, Leanne & Erin

Breakout Room Jamie, Marta, Tara, Elizabeth, Moni

Erin Genogram

Thursday, 7-21-2022

Adam Genogram