Family Constellation Learning Circle

Family Constellation Learning Circle: Growing Together

The Dream Of This Training

With this training I’ve created a low cost, fun and experiential way for students to learn the art of facilitating Family Constellation work. The Learning Circle is 90% hands on with occasional teaching moments. Mostly though, we learn through practice, exploring & doing.

For the theory of Family Constellation work I will guide you to specific resources. There are some great books out there I would love for you to learn from. From these materials You’ll learn Bert Hellinger’s “Orders of Love,” and the theories and premises of Family Constellation work.

Why Souls Do What They Do

In this training you’ll learn the MOST IMPORTANT thing to facilitate Family Constellation work well – Why Souls do what they do.

We are psychological BE-ings and more importantly – We are Souls. There are reasons we’ve come into these families, why we’ve chosen the loves we have (or lack thereof), why we do what we do & why we struggle our entire lives…

As Souls, the reasons are different than our psychological stories or wounding. The reasons are deeper, more Soul-full, more love-based.

As facilitators of Family Constellation work we’re exploring the Realm Of Souls. Learning the nuance of Soul-Love, Loyalties, Belonging, Atonement and more.

Through learning the language of Souls we become helpers and healers in the Realm Of Souls. From this place we offer deep support for our clients. We become their Servants.

Learning Soul dynamics, why Souls do what they do and how to shift the dysfunctional Soul patterns makes this work rich & rewarding.

Welcome to The Family Constellation Learning Circle: Growing Together

This Is A Beginning & Intermediate Level Training – Perfect For…

  • Newbies to Family Constellation work
  • If you’ve trained BUT NEED hands-on-practice
  • You simply LOVE being in “The Field” & can’t get enough
  • You’re a facilitator and want to learn Zoom facilitation skills
  • You love DEEP PERSONAL WORK & Family Constellations have called to you

This training is NOT FOR advanced level practitioners

Newbies to the work – You’re certainly welcome. Most love Family Constellation work and if you’ve made it this far I’m sure you do too. This training will teach to your intuition. We’ll strengthen it and support you to pick up clues in The Field. You’ll become a detective in understanding Soul Dynamics – Why we as Souls do what we do. Then you’ll learn to work with the energetic Fields to shift the ancestral energies impacting clients.

Trained but need hands-on practice – This is completely normal. Most trainings do not provide enough opportunities to play in the Field (hands-on). This training is designed almost 100% around this. We’ll have short teaching pieces, but mostly hands on practice to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE. This is where the greatest and most fun learning takes place. Plus you are supportively supervised and offered helpful feedback to hone your skills.

You simply LOVE being in The Field – If you’re like me you were probably ASTOUNDED the first time you experienced Constellation work. You probably saw something you didn’t even know was possible as a human. Simply loving this work is enough for you to join the training. You’ll be FILLED UP by the many experiences, PLUS you’ll receive an abundance of personal work. For everyone who facilitates they’re facilitating an issue for one of our tribe

Building Your Zoom Facilitation Skills – Zoom is different. It is not in person, the clues from The Field are different. There are a BUNCH of different ways to facilitate online Constellations. I’m going to show you the easiest I’ve seen. It’s a straightforward facilitation without screens, figurines or special props. So it’s a natural, easy to transition from in-person to online events. This is a safe, FUN WAY for you to begin learning Zoom facilitation!

The Deep Personal Work

Not full Constellations


FAQ – Do I need to be a therapist

Together You’ll Learn

How to facilitate Family Constellation work