Speak Your Truth

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: Overcome the fears that block you from expressing your truth in relationships and life

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: Overcome the fears that block you from expressing your truth in relationships and life   It Takes Practice It’s practice, repetition and guidance that allows you to fully and confidently express who you are in your relationships. Some of you got this practice in childhood and naturally carry these skills into adulthood. […]

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If You Want to Heal: Get Support!

The Importance Of Support: A Key To Your Healing & Growth Taking in the warm love of friends A Truth About Our Families For those we loved in our families who weren’t able to grow past their wounds and heal, (our mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers), one of the biggest reasons they couldn’t heal was […]

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Healing Shame - Flower

Feeling Shame: Healing Shame

Feeling Shame: Healing Shame Shame is a bit like mold; mold loves wet, damp and musty places where it can grow and spread. To stop the spread of mold it must be brought into the open. Mold doesn’t like sunlight; it’s too open, airy and fresh. If exposed to sunlight, it will retreat and find […]

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Following in the Family Footsteps

Following in the Family “Miss-steps”? (Ouch! The Dysfunctional Family Patterns)

Repeating the sticky, dysfunctional family patterns? Here’s the glue that binds you, and its probably not what you think… We carry points of connection with our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers & beyond. These appear as family patterns. These points of connection are based on our love for our family, they’re mostly unconscious, are very strong […]

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Your Epic Journey?

“One of the BIGGEST challenges we have as humans, perhaps our biggest challenge: is fully feeling our emotions. All of them. This is hard!” ~ Jack Blackwell Your hero’s journey? I believe that avoiding feeling our full emotional experience is a inherent challenge of of being human. I also believe that to embrace everything you […]

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blind spot

Blind Spots: We Need To See To Heal

Holotropic Breathwork and Family Constellations have one important thing in common. They’re both structured so that you access your Spiritual nature and then this part of you, your deepest wisdom, guides your healing process. Here’s the greatest reason I can offer you to access your Spiritual nature You and I have blind spots. (Sorry to […]

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