You Must Face Your Pain To Heal

Is This The Most Important Human Skill You Can Develop?

Face Your Pain

I believe one of the GREATEST skills we can develop as humans is strengthening our ability to face our pain and feel it fully. Developing this skill will change everything in your life.

This is incredibly difficult in our American capitalist culture which tells us that pain is “bad” and “wrong,” that if we’re feeling pain it should be alleviated, medicated, stopped, suppressed or avoided.

This may sound crazy, but I believe that as HUMANS, we’re supposed to experience pain, that it’s a part of life and inherent in every part of the human experience.

I believe feeling pain adds to life, to the richness and texture of it. It honors your Soul truth, all you have fought for and all you know.

To know love is to know pain!

When we quit avoiding pain and face it to the best of our ability, our life – EXPANDS

Here’s a great article by Freya Vajra that speaks beautifully to this

Much love, Jack

Facing Pain
From Freya Vajra –

There Is No ‘Quick Fix’ For Your Healing

The QUICKEST fix is simply to FACE IT. HEAD ON. With the APPROPRIATE tools. And deal with it.

I get so confused when I see people dancing around their issues. Look: reiki is not going to heal your sexual trauma ok? It will calm your nervous system, but it’s not the right tool for the job!

You can spend YEARS fooling around, wasting time, pretending to do the work. You can completely avoid it because you’re afraid it’s going to ‘hurt’.

It IS Going To Hurt. That’s The Truth

But you know what’s going to hurt more?
20, 30, 40 years down the line when you’re STILL having the same issues because you never had the guts to really FACE YOURSELF.

How many relationships are you willing to lose? How much self sabotage are you willing to watch yourself enact? How many broken dreams?

The Only One In The Way Of You, IS YOU!

And all that pain, all the hurt you’re so terrified to face.
The darkest bits.
The ugliest bits.
The bits you lied about.
The bits you’re embarrassed for anyone to know about…

When you face those things, AND INTEGRATE THEM…
THEY are what become your gifts.

And you realize that you aren’t who you are IN SPITE of your shadow. But BECAUSE of it. Not because you had a hard time when the trauma was enacted.

But because you had the motherf*ckin bravery to go in there a SECOND time, and face those demons down.

And when you face them, you’ll realize.. they’re not real anymore. They’re just shadows on the wall.

But you have to actually face them to embody that wisdom.

It could be a couple of years of excruciating pain, facing it and transforming it. Just a couple.

Isn’t that better than a LIFETIME of being half the person you KNOW you’re mean to be?

So, a loving call from me. Our planet’s on a clock. Face yourself. Transform those issues. Take breaks when you need to.

And give the world what you came here to give.alright?!

There is no time left to arse around.


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