Cosmic Constellation Training

Week 1 – Building The Group

I want to share with you a few notes I took during out group.

One element of this training is Wholeness. As I’ve said before, I consider wholeness to be the pinnacle of human development.

The reason people do not facilitate Cosmic Constellations is they are afraid or they have not done the necessary personal work. We can help our brothers and sisters and help wake humanity UP.

Regarding wholeness – Embracing all parts of self. For our group concept I am speaking to shadow and Cosmic aspects. Light, Dark, Shadow, Perpetrator & Innocence

Week 2 – Creating a Safe Cosmic Container

Notes from week 2

~ Sufficient Light casts out Darknesss (Bring in enough Light)
~ Not every rep can hold High Vibration (Cosmic) forces. They must have done sufficient work.
~ When holding Cosmic forces have the rep stay partially connected to earth.
~ Check in with your High Vibe reps, did you get them or did something else show up?
~ The invocation we create at the start of the event creates GREATER SAFETY. It matters.
~ When I know I’m working with Light & Dark I only let in experienced reps. If I don’t know and the Dark show up, I am cautious about who reps what. I would never let a newbie represent Low Vibration forces.
~ Reps have expressed permission to say “no” at these events
~ If someone is energetically depleted, I do not want them representing Low Vibration or Cosmic forces.

Week 3 -Resistance in the Field

Week 4 – Working With the Dark is Tricky

Notes from week 4

~ Dark Forces can lie & manipulate
~ The Dark can hide from a Constellation
~ A client may come with an issue around Malevolent Forces and the FC may go to inner child (safety) work. I have seen this a lot. The Field usually will not go to Dark Forces if sufficient trauma work is not done.

Week 5 -Vignettes, Integrating Our Light & Dark

Week 6 – Vignettes, Integrating Our Light & Dark (Continued)