Colorado Family Constellation Facilitators

Colorado Family Constellation Facilitator Listings

This is a partial list of Constellation Facilitators in the Colorado area. If you would like to be on this list, I’m happy to add you. No charge, just reach out.

Boulder, Colorado

Jack Blackwell Family Constellation Facilitator

Facilitator: Jack Blackwell
Years in Practice: 11

Jack leads Family Constellation workshops and trainings in the Denver and Boulder areas. Family Constellation work is Jack’s life passion, he has been leading workshops in Colorado for over 10 years. To learn more reach out to Jack via phone or email.

Phone: (720) 275-2756

Karin Dremel Family Constellation facilitator in Boulder, Colorado Family Constellation Facilitator Karin Dremel, MTS, HP, R. P.

Humanist Chaplain, Systemic Traumatologist, bi-lingual (German-English) Psychotherapist

Driven by a need to understand my biography, my history, as well as manage the troubles I experienced, I trained in the mid 1990s to become a German Naturopath (Heilpraktikerin). Numerous other trainings followed and gradually my work crystalized as multiple intertwining strands which I have ever since passionately followed and refined into Systemic Traumatology℠, my comprehensive approach to mending trauma wounding. Trauma therapy modalities and Systemic Constellation protocols gradually blended into ever more process oriented, trauma informed facilitation. Overall, I offer creative, whole-hearted, relational presence, developed in service of body-mind-spirit integration and thriving.

I now address intractable conflict, attachment rupture, (early) medical trauma, and life limiting effects of developmental and incident trauma in their lived context and through a systemic lens in private practices in Boulder, Colorado and Heidelberg, Germany. In addition I increasingly also offer sessions online, nationally and internationally.

In 2014 I earned a BA in Social Sciences from MSUDenver (magna cum laude) and in 2017 a Masters in Theological Studies from Iliff School of Theology, Denver. The American Humanist Association endorsed me as a Humanist Chaplain in 2018. Since then I also offer systems and trauma informed Contemplative Dialogue℠, to meet the needs of those who have experienced spiritual abuse and trauma and are not seeking therapy per se.

Systemic Traumatology℠ is the focus of my doctoral studies at the Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley (WISR) where I develop systemic imagination to grasp complex systemic intersectionalities of biographical, historical, political, and global trauma to enable awareness and disruption of self-replicating patterns of collective trauma dynamics.

Heartfelt Greetings (Herzliche Grüsse)

Karin’s Website
Phone: (720) 275-2756

Carol Shure Family Constellation Facilitator Boulder Colorado (2) Family Constellation Facilitator: Carol Shure

After being introduced to Systemic Family Constellation in 2004, I discovered an unwavering passion and belief in the power and effectiveness of this healing modality. As a young Mom, I began out of necessity to reconcile my own personal and familial trauma and wounds. I have worked to access an open mind and a clear heart as a Practitioner, Mother and as a Grandmother. I see the strength within our wounds, as a way to find our genius & righteous talent.

Whatever has been a challenge for me, becomes a blessing for my clients, as I hold greater space for that which I have resolved and integrated, through my life lessons.

I work with grace in the divine fields, of the ancestors, and ask to be in co-creative process with them, along with accessing wisdom received from over 40 years of study and fieldwork in organizational, systemic and family constructs across social groups and cultures. A perpetual student. I am engaged in continual study of how to understand and heal inherited Personal, Intergenerational and Collective Trauma, Epigenetic’s, Family Dynamics, Neurobiology, Shamanism, Psycho Spirituality, and Holistic Medicine, to name a few!

I lead transformational, embodied, growth experiences with groups and individuals in Santa Cruz, CA, Carbondale, CO and Boulder in Field and Systemic Constellation Work, as defined by the psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, inspired in part by his many years of living with the Zulu.

I offer public group’s and individual sessions by phone, Skype or in person. I am excited to have recently moved to Boulder from the Roaring Fork Valley to be closer to family and to live in a larger, more diverse community. Reach me at:
PO Box 745 Boulder, CO 80306
(831) 218-5770