Recognizing codependent patterns

Recognizing codependent patterns

codependent patterns
~ Codependents always struggle with self-betrayal issues
~ They always struggle asking to get their needs met
~ Most codependents struggle with boundaries and they are always hiding parts of themselves
~ Some can have issues with their anger
~ They usually do not know their deeper truths
~ They have terror around asking for what they want

Codependent patterns are formed in childhood. These people learned how to survive and adapt in childhood. You, as a little boy or girl, were intelligent to adopt these patterns. This is what you had to do, it is what your parents (or family system) required/asked of you and you did it.

There is no blame here

But now you carry these patterns into adulthood and codependent patterns kill real love.

You will never find real love until you work through many of these patterns.


When you heal the wounds that caused the codependency you have superpowers. Let’s go into these.

People who have healed codependent patterns are

  • Incredible in relationships. They have an ability to adapt to their partners and the relationships needs. NOT every person has this ability.
  • They make great therapists able to meet clients where they are.
  • These folks are truly empathetic and caring. They have hearts of gold.
  • They see and feel what is going on deeply within another person, they have this ability.
  • Recovered codependents can navigate and hold dynamic group spaces. This is control in a good way. They learned how to navigate tense environments in childhood and when healed, this is a gift to communities.

There are other gifts that come from the wounds of codependency, but more on these later.

I hope this writing is of value to you.

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