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Recognizing codependent patterns

Recognizing codependent patterns ~ Codependents always struggle with self-betrayal issues ~ They always struggle asking to get their needs met ~ Most codependents struggle with boundaries and they are always hiding parts of themselves ~ Some can have issues with their anger ~ They usually do not know their deeper truths ~ They have terror […]

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Codependents and Needs ~ It’s Not Good!

Codependents And Needs Codependents have a hard time getting needs met. Here’s why… Disconnection from the body – they are not aware of their bodies signals as to what their needs are. Awareness of body sensations is a KEY component of knowing ones needs. Suppression – They are unconsciously suppressing their needs and desires. In […]

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Healing Codependency Group

Codependency Cheat Sheet

Codependency Cheat Sheet Codepdency is ultimately a betrayal of self to meet the needs of others. Here are keys to healing ~ Codependents must develop “presence.” They must get into their bodies, feeling their sensations and emotions. ~ Codependents must stay connected to themselves. This connection let’s them know (through sensations and emotions) what situations […]

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Healing Codependency

Reflections on Codependency

This blog brings together a series of codependency posts I’ve written for Facebook over the years. I’ve brought them together and hope they help. They speak to the ins and outs of healing codependent patterns. If you have questions about healing codependency – reach out. Healing Codependency – Your Body is Key The first thing […]

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