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A War Between Men & Women?

In my Constellation group recently we decided to explore the hidden Soul dynamics in the relationship between men and women. Thought it was a short exploration, it was deep, looking at rage, perpetrators, grief, ancestors and more. Here are some highlights: Women – Wanting to connect with, protect and explore their sexuality. Turning inward. Disgusted […]

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Mother Wounds & Family Constellation work

Are You Carrying Mother’s Burdens?

Carrying Mother’s Burdens? Loyalties to Mom that cost us dearly & Dysfunctional patterns I’ve seen healed in Family Constellation work. I believe at the deepest levels we love our mothers and fathers dearly. Sometimes this love and what is asked of us (unconsciously) costs us dearly. Here are some patterns I’ve worked with and seen […]

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Family Bonds & Constellation work

Family Bonds & Constellation Work

The Energetic Bonds Within Your Family There are energetic bonds and energetic patterns that exist within all family systems. Either these bonds are bringing you health, wellness and vitality or they’re burdening you, weighing you down and impacting your life-success. Sometimes the family bonds are broken leaving you without life-force, strength & vitality. Healthy Family […]

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Following in the Family Footsteps

Following in the Family “Miss-steps”? (Ouch! The Dysfunctional Family Patterns)

Repeating the sticky, dysfunctional family patterns? Here’s the glue that binds you, and its probably not what you think… We carry points of connection with our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers & beyond. These appear as family patterns. These points of connection are based on our love for our family, they’re mostly unconscious, are very strong […]

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blind spot

Blind Spots: We Need To See To Heal

Holotropic Breathwork and Family Constellations have one important thing in common. They’re both structured so that you access your Spiritual nature and then this part of you, your deepest wisdom, guides your healing process. Here’s the greatest reason I can offer you to access your Spiritual nature You and I have blind spots. (Sorry to […]

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